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In-Game Description

A bell charm received from an old woman, who asked that it be offered to Buddha.

Bell charms protect their holders through Buddha's divine protection. If one finds themselves the owner of another's bell charm, offering it to Buddha on their behalf is a common courtesy. The sculptor at the Dilapidated Temple can advise on how it should be offered.

Young Lord's Bell Charm.png


Given by the Timid Maid in Ashina Outskirts after the area where General Naomori Kawarada is fought.


Used to unlock the Hirata Estate memory by interacting with the Buddha statue at the Dilapidated Temple.


  • If this item isn't retrieved prior to the final invasion of Ashina Castle and Outskirts by the Central Forces, it won't be obtainable for the rest of the playthrough, as the Timid Maid will be found dead, and all the unique items in the Hirata Estate won't move to the Offering Box next to Hanbei.