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This page will feature what tasks are being done by whom and also where help is needed. If you wish to contribute, feel free to pick a task and mark it as yours by adding your name to it. Alternatively, see here for missing information.

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General Missing Info

To-Do Status
Add Guides Pending: Sen farming early game, Skill Experience farming, quests

Done: Endings, New Game Plus

Transcribe dialogue Videos:

In progress by The Embraced One, Astralproxy

Boss attack descriptions see list below
Boss tactics see list below
Missing descriptions under "Overview" headings across whole Wiki Pending: Characters, Enemies

Done: Locations

Screenshots - please make sure depth of field, motion blur and hud are disabled


To-Do Status
Leader Shigenori Yamauchi behaviour + tactics


To-Do Status
Ashina Samurai behaviour and tactics
Palace Noble behaviour + tactics
Rat tactics
Vengeful Apparitions
Carp behaviour and tactics
Central Force Agents descriptions and tactics
Mibu Village Hag tactics
Monkey behaviour and tactics
Nightjar behaviour and tactics
Snake Eyes Watcher behaviour
Taro Soldiers behaviour and tactics


Please make sure depth of field, motion blur and hud are disabled, Wolf should be ideally not in shots unless it's a fight scene or otherwise required.

To-Do Status