Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
Fallen, headless spirit of Ungo that reduces Vitality damage taken from physical attacks.

Consume spirit emblems to use repeatedly.
Headless are the ruined form of corrupted heroes who once fought for their country.
This warrior lost his mind in defense of the state. His attempted mutiny was met with a swift beheading, and the lifeless body sunk to the bottom of the moat.

Ungo's Spiritfall.png
Ungo's Sugar.gif

The limitless version of Ungo's Sugar. Reduces Vitality damage suffered from enemy attacks by 33% and lasts 15 seconds (or 22.5 with the Devotion Skill). Costs SpiritEmblems.png 2 Spirit Emblems to use.

Reward from defeating Headless at the bottom of the Ashina Castle pond.