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Where you find the departed, you'll find the Memorial Mob.
Whether it be along a recent battlefield, an abandoned dungeon...
The Memorial Mob will make an appearance.
If you seek them out, they'll surely present their wares.


The Toxic Memorial Mob (毒だまりの供養衆) is a merchant who sells offerings in front of the cave where the Serpent God dwells.


Progression #1

Fountainhead Palace (Fountainhead Palace)

Upon defeating the Corrupted Monk, the Dragon's Tally Board she drops will unlock new items at every merchant.

Progression #2

Ashina Outskirts (Outskirts Wall - Stairway)

Complete Anayama's questline (see his page for in depth info) to acquire the Promissory Note, which will discount by 10% the cost of every item sold by merchants.

Medicinal Pellets that slowly restore Vitality. A secret treatment passed down for generations in these lands, records say it has been used in battles since times long gone, and lent to the famed resilience of Ashina warriors. A pill case full of these pellets would also serve as a battle charm.
Sen.png 80 Stock: 5
Dragon's Blood Droplet.png
Dragon's Blood Droplet
An item that is rarely dropped by a Divine Heir of the Dragon's Heritage.

Using it will slightly increase Resurrective Power. Restore the power of life to those who have been drained of it by offering this drop to the Sculptor's Idol with the Recovery Charm in hand. In turn, all afflicted with the Dragonrot will be healed. The incessant coughing must cease.

Cost: Sen.png 180 Stock: 2
Green Mossy Gourd.png
Green Mossy Gourd
A curved, moss-covered gourd filled with medicinal water. Refills upon rest. While it does not heal "Poison" status it reduces Poison buildup, and increases Poison resistance.

This gourd was made out of necessity by those that made poisonous lands their home. It's said if you live there long enough, eventually poison won't affect you at all.

Cost: Sen.png 1800 Stock: 1
Antidote Powder.png
Antidote Powder
A powerful Antidote concoted by the Sunken Valley clan.

Heals status abnormality "Poison", and for a time decreases Poison buildup while increasing Poison resistance. Magnetic deposits are found in the Sunken Valley, but the place is dangerously toxic. Antidote Powder is essential for anyone attempting to mine the ore.

Cost: Sen.png 120 Stock: ∞
Heavy Coin Purse.png
Heavy Coin Purse
A purse filled with a large amount of sen. It can be used to acquire the sen inside. Its weight is very promising indeed. The sen in the purse is not lost upon death.
Cost: Sen.png 550 Stock: 5
Yellow Gunpowder.png
Yellow Gunpowder
Amber-colored grains forming the base for powerful gunpowder. A precious commodity only found in the Sunken Valley.

Used for explosive Prosthetic Tool upgrade of intermediate and higher rank. The yield from yellow powder is greater than that of black, lending the valley stronghold defenses their fiery vigor.

Cost: Sen.png 270 Stock: 2
Eel Liver.png
Eel Liver
A miraculous drug capable of banishing lightning offered at the Ashina Clan Altar.

Greatly reduces the amount of damage received from lightning attacks, as well as the "Shock" status abnormality. Lightning is a force of the gods. Eels, while small, are relatives of dragons. Even a god's force can be suppressed, though probably not for long.

(unlocked by the Dragon's Tally Board)

Cost: Sen.png 50 Stock: ∞
Divine Confetti.png
Divine Confetti
Confetti imbued with a divine blessing made for driving away apparitions.

The paper is made ceremoniously, whereby pulp is spread thin using water from the exalted Fountainhead. As the gods bless the waters, so too will the confetti bless one who basks in its touch, allowing attacks to connect with apparition-type enemies.

(unlocked by the Dragon's Tally Board)

Cost: Sen.png 300 Stock: ∞
Snap Seed.png
Snap Seed
Fumewort seeds that make a loud noise if you snap them. Useful for breaking the effect of illusion techniques. If an illusion occurs, it is because someone created it. To crush the phantoms and return to reality one must defeat the creator of the illusion. Snap seeds can be of great help in that regard.

(unlocked by the Dragon's Tally Board)

Cost: Sen.png 80 Stock: ∞
Scrap Iron.png
Scrap Iron
Iron dregs mined in Ashina.

Widely used for basic reinforcement, it can serve as a base material for Prosthetic Tool upgrades. Ashina is burdened with thick snow and infertile land, but the scrap iron dug from her soil is anything but crude.

(unlocked by the Dragon's Tally Board)

Cost: Sen.png 150 Stock: ∞
Black Gunpowder.png
Black Gunpowder
Black grains forming the base for gunpowder.

Material used in alchemical prosthetic Tool upgrades, including those of an explosive and occultic nature. Even the most mundane form of gunpowder has a wide variety of applications.

(unlocked by the Dragon's Tally Board)

Cost: Sen.png 150 Stock: ∞

Rot Essence

Rot Essence Mob.png
Rot Essence: Toxic Mob    
First Encounter with a Mob Memorial Mob: Care to purchase an offering?

Wolf: An offering?
Memorial Mob: Indeed. I sell items to be offered to the dead, so they might rest in peace. From the looks of you, I'd wager you have a lot of blood on your hands. (Cough, hack...) ...go ahead, buy an offering.

First Encounter Memorial Mob: Care to purchase an offering?

Wolf: Another one...
Memorial Mob: Where you find the departed, you'll find the Memorial Mob... Even in places where people simply drift along... (Cough, hack) ...go ahead, buy an offering.

Talking Memorial Mob: Hey, you there. Don't go into that cave up ahead. Inside is an old shrine where the Serpent God dwells. And if the Serpent God swallows you, you can't buy any more offerings now, can you? (Hacking cough...)
Leaving Memorial Mob: Where you find the departed, you'll find the Memorial Mob... Wherever your travels take you, make sure you bring some offerings.
Greeting (Generic) Memorial Mob: Care to purchase an offering?
Leaving (Generic) Memorial Mob: May the departed rest in peace...
When Infected with Dragonrot Memorial Mob: The poison's... finally spread... Oh, well... Too late now... I must make an offering...



  • "供養" is an act of making an offering to or a memorial service for the dead, while "衆" is a person belonging to a group or being under a lord's command, making their Japanese name translate to something akin to "those offering to the dead".

Cut Content

Cut Dialogue
When Killed Curse you...
May the departed... rest... in peace...
When Given the Medicine to Cure Dragonrot Thank you.
Looks like the spasms have stopped, thanks to you.
Thank heavens, now I can continue my life's work of selling offerings.
Old bones are best suited for spots like this.
Now can I interest you in an offering?