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+??? Skill Experience Sen.png ???

Example Usage

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Only use "Loot#_Name" in case the said item's name contains a colon as they do not get properly rendered. In these cases use "Loot#_Name" to display the page's name, and "Loot#_FileName" to display the image's name as per below:

(If no "Loot#_Name" is specified, it will always default to "Loot#_FileName")

For CurrencyType, use "Sen" of "Treasure Carp Scale"

|XP = 1685
|CurrencyType = Sen
|CurrencyAmount = 135
|Loot1_Name = Memory: Gyoubu Oniwa
|Loot1_FileName = Memory Gyoubu
|Loot2_FileName = Mechanical Barrel
|Loot2_Note = Only first encounter
|Loot3_FileName = Black Gunpowder
|Loot3_Amount = 4
|Loot4_FileName = Yellow Gunpowder



+1685 Skill Experience Sen.png 135
Memory Gyoubu.png
Memory: Gyoubu Oniwa
Mechanical Barrel.png
Mechanical Barrel
(Only first encounter)
Black Gunpowder.png
Black Gunpowder x4
Yellow Gunpowder.png
Yellow Gunpowder