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Burn Edit

Burn Effect Being hit by too many fire-based attacks will eventually apply the Burn status abnormality. Guarding fire attacks does not prevent the Burn gauge from rising. While burning, flames are visible on one's body, and will prevent the regeneration of Posture and will gradually damage Vitality for the duration.

Dousing Powder and Ministry Dousing Powder can be used to cure Burn, while the Withered Red Gourd, while it doesn't cure active Burn status abnormality, it greatly increases Burn resistance for a short duration.

Poison Edit

Poison Effect Repeatedly getting hit by poison-based attacks will apply the "Poison" status abnormality. Guarding such attacks does not prevent Poison from accumulating. Poison affects the body and mind when it enters the body, gradually reducing Vitality over time.

To prepare for fights, Contact Medicine can be used to inflict a weak form of Poison, making other forms of Poisons ineffective, or Green Mossy Gourd to increase Poison reistance for a short duration.

Terror Edit

Terror Effect Taking damage from apparition-type enemies will fill the mind and body with Terror. Guarding such attacks does not prevent Terror from accumulating. Those overcome with Terror are known to die.

Pacifying Agent and Mottled Purple Gourd can be used to reduce Terror build-up.

Enfeeblement Edit

Enfeeblement Icon Inflicted by Palace Nobles, it syphons youth out of the target, restricting his agile movements to only a slow limping, weak attack and the inability to use any items or prosthetic tools. It also greatly reduces his health and disables resurrection.

Shock Edit

Shock Effect If standing on the ground while struck by a lightning attack, the status abnormality "Shock" is inflicted. This occurs regardless of whether the attack was guarded or not. Shock causes electricity to run through one's body, dealing huge damage to Vitality and also stunning them briefly.

Eel Liver cures Shock and increases Shock resistance for a short duration.

Lightning Reversal Edit

Lightning surges through the bodies of those with their feet on the ground, instantly paralyzing them. A secret technique exists to catch lightning in one's blade while in mid-air, and send it back.


Those with Red Eyes are dangerous and filled with rage, and attempting to defeat them in hand-to-hand combat seems unwise. Fire, however, is very effective against them. They are said to fear fire above all else.
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