Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
White Spirit Emblems harbor the souls of the dead. Only a shinobi could find use for such a thing.
Spirit Emblem.png

Required for using Prosthetic Tools. It's essentially a universal ammunition type, awarded for defeating enemies Sekiro removes from the world and consumed by the prosthetic whenever it's used.

Spirit emblems are awarded for defeating enemies and can be found throughout the world, where they will float towards the Wolf upon getting close enough to them. They are first seen after acquiring the first shinobi prosthetic.

Abandoned Dungeon
Senpou Temple
  • Two on a cliff before the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol.
  • Three on the large tree before the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol.
  • Three nearby tall grass in the beginning where the Senpou Monks patrol, to the right of the first big building by a tree.
  • One up the pathway after the Shugendo Sculptor's Idol.
Sunken Valley
Ashina Depths
  • One in the hand of a large Buddha statue in the poison pools where Snake Eyes Shirahagi is fought.
  • Two by a corpse hanging upside down near the house in Hidden Forest.
  • After defeating Mist Noble, two on the way towards Mibu Village.
  • One on the way to O'Rin of the Water from the Water Mill Sculptor's Idol.
  • Six in the attic above an altar in the house of the Mibu Village Head Priest.
  • Two on the road in Mibu Village among the houses.
Fountainhead Palace
  • Two by a tree right after landing into Fountainhead Palace after the Vermillion Bridge.
  • On a table in the first building below the Vermillion Bridge.
  • After the Mibu Manor Sculptor's Idol, one in the reeds, and two by a sakura tree.
  • On a small, ruined roofed building behind two Okami Elite Spear-Bearers at the Flower Viewing Stage.
  • Three in front of the Palace entrance, on two goblets.