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Snake Eyes Shirahagi is a Mini-Boss located in Poison Pool. She shares the same model and moveset with Snake Eyes Shirafuji.

Behaviors and Tactics

  • Sniping: aims and shoot a powerful twisting projectiles.
  • Melee: swings her gun three times, and may follow up with a Perilous Grab attack.
  • Combo: swings the gun, kicks then shoots immediately.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: spins her gun and grabs. If connected, she shoots Sekiro in the stomach.

A slow but sure way is to trick her onto the roof one of the two huts in the area. She will get "stuck" on there, doing her combo but none of them will connect, even the shots. Anticipate the combo and jump attack will eventually lead to a victory. Using a Gachiin's Sugar to clear out the mob and get a Backstab Deathblow on her is highly recommended.

Note that fires shot by the nearby Snake Eye Cannoneer knocks her back and deals damage to her.

Cheese: If you can kill all the enemies here for a 1v1 fight, it would be better. You can also make sure to sneak up on her first by swinging by the trees in order for you to move to the statue's head near her, sneak, and perform a deathblow. Now make sure she chases you and stays on the poison pool. Now all you have to do is keep swinging on the trees to the available ledge near the Sculptor's Idol, making sure that you can be shot so she doesn't move away from the pool. Keep moving sideways or activate your Loaded Umbrella and stay put. It takes her around 6-9 shots before she is inflicted with poison status. Which is not enough to break your posture when using the Loaded Umbrella. This will damage 30% of her health before the damage from the poison nulls. Go down and lead her to a land to reset her. Repeat the steps by swinging again to lead her to the poison pool. Do this 4 times to make her health drop to 1 last slash for instant posture break.

Her Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: can be deflected, if Wolf blocks just before she pulls in


+1030 Skill Experience Sen.png 125
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead