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Snake Eyes Shirafuji is a Mini-Boss located in the Sunken Valley. She shares the same model and moveset with Snake Eyes Shirahagi.

Behaviour and Tactics

Snake Eyes Shirafuji relies on combos. She uses a two-hit and a three-hit combo most often.

  • Perilous Attack.pngGrab and Shoot:: swings her cannon around, trying to break Wolf's balance, then if caught, she shoots him with a blast of her cannon.
  • Swipe Attack: swings her cannon once like a sword. This is rare and it’s far more common for her to tie that attack into a combo.
  • Cannon Shot: jumps back and fires her cannon.
  • Two-Attack Combo: has a pair of two-attack combos. In the first, she swings her cannon and then fires it. In the other, she swipes with her cannon twice. The former is far more common than the latter, but she can chain her two-swipe combo or just insert another single swipe, which makes it seem like a four- or five-swipe combo.
  • Three-Attack Combo: just like her shorter combos, she does some combination of swinging her cannon, kicking, and firing her weapon.

First, sneak up on Snake Eyes Shirafuji for a free Deathblow. Begin at the Sunken Valley Sculptor’s Idol. Grapple onto the nearest branch, then again to the next-nearest branch. Do this quickly to avoid the cannonners in the distance. Finally, grapple up to the area where Shirafuji is waiting. Run to the left, jump up on the ledge, and hug the wall, then wait until the enemies reset, then sneak up to her for a Deathblow.

Use Shinobi Firecracker and Fistful of Ash. Both of these have the same effect: they make Snake Eyes Shirafuji pause for a second, disrupting her attacks. Sabimaru is also effective as she is specially vulnerable to poison.

When she prepares for her Perilous Attack, it may be safer to jump away, though dodging a few times around her works too. Block her Cannon Shot, or strafe to either side to avoid it.

Her Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: can be deflected, if Wolf blocks just before she pulls in


+822 Skill Experience Sen.png 119
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead