The Shichimen Warrior (七面武者) is a Mini-Boss located in the Bottomless Hole, then later in the Guardian Ape's Burrow after killing Headless Ape, and in the Fountainhead Palace near a waterfall.

Behaviors and TacticsEdit

  • Terror AttackDeath's Domain: scatters a large amount of ghostly projectiles around the battlefield, which slowly homes towards Wolf.
  • Terror AttackBarrage: conjures two volleys of fast homing projectiles.
  • Floating: leaps up into the air, floating and conjuring projectiles.
  • Terror AttackConjuring: creates a ghostly aura around him, while channeling a maximum of three giant slow homing projectiles in tandem with other projectiles.
  • Staff Swing: swings his staff twice when in close proximity with Wolf.
  • Terror AttackUnseen Soul Stream: deflects an attack, turns invisible then teleports to either corners far away from Wolf, chants for a brief moment before unleashing a powerful long range torrent of souls capable of piercing walls with slight homing. He may unleashes the beam without teleporting away.

Consume a Pacifying Agent or use the Mottled Purple Gourd at the beginning of the fight, then use Divine Confetti, which should last until the first Deathblow. It is recommended to bring at least 3 to the fight just in case. Inflict as much Vitality damage as possible while the Confetti is active and parry their attacks to reduce Terror build-up.

Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella is strong against it because it prevents Terror build-up with regular blocks and can be used to counter-attack against the Soul Stream attack.

Anti-Air Deathblow allows for a free Deathblow as it jumps, making the fight significantly easier.

Malcontent can be used to stun apparition-type enemies for a longer period of time, but note that its effect becomes less potent with each use.

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