Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

The Shichimen Warrior (七面武者, Seven-faced Warrior) is a mini-boss practitioner of necromancy.

One is found in the Bottomless Hole. When approached, a fogwall will block the path to the Bottomless Hole Sculptor's Idol.

Another will appear in the Guardian Ape's Burrow after killing Headless Ape and entering the Hidden Forest, making the Sculptor's Idol in the cave unavailable.

Lastly, he's encountered in the Fountainhead Palace at the foot of a waterfall. Some Palace Dogs are also found near the end of the stream.

Behaviors and Tactics

  • Terror Attack.pngBarrage: conjures two volleys of fast homing projectiles.
  • Terror Attack.pngConjuring: creates a ghostly aura around him, while channeling a maximum of three giant slow homing projectiles in tandem with other projectiles.
  • Terror Attack.pngDeath's Domain: scatters a large amount of ghostly projectiles around the battlefield, which slowly homes towards Wolf.
  • Terror Attack.pngUnseen Soul Stream: deflects an attack, turns invisible then teleports to either corners far away from Wolf, chants for a brief moment before unleashing a powerful long range torrent of souls capable of piercing walls with slight homing. He may unleashes the beam without teleporting away.
  • Floating: leaps up into the air, floating and conjuring projectiles.
  • Staff Swing: swings his staff twice when in close proximity with Wolf.

Since the Shichimen Warrior is an apparition-type enemy, Divine Confetti are mandatory to deal any substantial damage to him and, in this fight, they also allow the katana to vanquish the various spells of this mini-boss.

This mini-boss mostly fight by firing Terror-inducing projectiles to the player, therefore it's highly recommended to carry Pacifying Agents or a Mottled Purple Gourd during the fight and even consume one before starting it.

The Shichimen Warrior is prone to jump high in the air after certain attacks, as such it's best to buy the Anti-Air Deathblow Text from Blackhat Badger, since its ability allows Wolf to instantly remove a Vitality bar from the mini-boss, if he attacks the Shichimen Warrior while he's floating.

Because Divine Confetti are rare to come by early in the game, they are also needed for the Headless and this mini-boss is almost harmless at close range, using Ako's Sugar or Yashariku's Sugar can be useful to save on them.

Firecrackers can stun him for a short while, but, if used at the start of the fight in particular, they'll trigger the Shichimen Warrior to jump after the stagger, opening himself up to an easy Anti-Air Deathblow. The Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella can guard Wolf from any damage and Terror build-up inflicted by his magic. The Malcontent, just like against any other apparition-type enemy, can stun him up to three times. The Lazulite Flame Vent can be used as a flamethrower from a distance to safely kill the Shichimen Warrior without him having any way to counter-attack, as the Prosthetic Tool will nullify any in-coming spell.

The battle revolves mostly around avoiding the numerous projectiles of the Shichimen Warrior, while closing on him to begin attacking. From time to time, he'll use his Staff Swing attack, but it's more common for him to just deflect an attack and then disappear, to then reappear on the opposing side of the arena and use his Unseen Soul Stream move.

The Shichimen Warrior will always start the fight with his Conjuring move, if not interrupted. If he's staggered while casting the attack, the Terror-inflicting aura surrounding him will still be in effect, despite appearing invisible. If the mini-boss finishes his attack, he'll almost always follow it up with Floating.

While he's not vulnerable to any stealth deathblow in the Bottomless Hole and Guardian Ape's Burrow, it's possible to plunge deathblow the Shichimen Warrior in the Fountainhead Palace with the correct angle.


  • One of the masks he wears has a centipede on its helmet.
  • The only apparition type Mini-Boss that can suffer a stealth deathblow.