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The Sculptor (仏師) is the hermit who inhabits the Dilapidated Temple, where he passes his days carving Buddha Statues. He rescued Wolf after his defeat at the hand of Genichiro and gifted him a Prosthetic Arm to replace the one he lost. Despite his stoic appearance, he'll help Sekiro on his quest to save Kuro by upgrading his new arm, which he calls a "Shinobi's Fang", with the Prosthetic Tools the man brings him and by giving him the Prosthetic Esoteric Text, that he himself wrote, and the Shinobi Esoteric Text.

He's later revealed to be a former shinobi named Orangutan (猩々), who became the new sculptor of the temple to repay his karmic debt. Orangutan trained in the Sunken Valley with his partner, a woman named Kingfisher. He later joined forces with Isshin Ashina to fight for the rebellion. One day, in the aftermath of a fight, while scouting the battlefield, he found a lonely child named Emma, who'll later be adopted by his friend Lord Dogen, a notorious doctor. Driven by bloodlust, Orangutan found himself on the verge of becoming a Shura, but Isshin intervened and cut off his left arm to prevent this. To help him, Dogen crafted a prototype of what will later become the Prosthetic Arm the Sculptor will pass on to Wolf.

As Sekiro returns to the Dilapidated Temple, after the final invasion of the Central Forces, he discovers that the Sculptor has left his home and, when questioned, Fujioka explains that he was heading for the battlefield, muttering about "the flames". Following a trail of burning buildings in Ashina Outskirts, Sekiro finds himself face to face with the Demon of Hatred, the vessel of wrath the Sculptor turned into.


Progression #1 (Shinobi's Fang)

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

As suggested by the Sculptor, everytime Wolf obtains a Prosthetic Tool, he should bring it to the hermit so that he could assemble it on his Prosthetic Arm.

When Wolf brings the Slender Finger to him, he recognizes it as belonging to his old sparring partner Kingfisher. If Wolf obtains the Malcontent's Ring, once the Sculptor upgrades his Finger Whistle with it, he admonishes the shinobi about the power of its somber melody.

Progression #2 (Battle Sense)

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

Once Wolf obtains his first Skill Point, upon talking with the Sculptor, Sekiro will receive the Shinobi Esoteric Text.

When Wolf retrieves and installs at least three Prosthetic Tools, the Sculptor will gift him the Prosthetic Esoteric Text.

Progression #3 (Honing the Fang)

Ashina Outskirts (Ashina Castle Gate)

Defeat Gyoubu Oniwa to obtain the Mechanical Barrel.

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

Bring the Barrel to the Sculptor to unlock the option to "Upgrade Prosthetic Tool" through Purifying Agents.

Progression #4 (Dragonrot)

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

Should Wolf die four times, the Sculptor will end up afflicted by Dragonrot, but he'll reassure Sekiro that this disease can't kill him as he is no ordinal man. Yet, if not cured, it won't be possible to complete Progression #5 and Progression #6.

Talk with Emma and reload the area to find her tending to the Sculptor: she'll now tell Wolf that she can create a cure to Dragonrot if the shinobi fetches her the blood sample of another infected person.

After fulfilling her request, reload the area to have Emma gift Wolf the Recovery Charm and Dragon's Blood Droplet [x1]: now consuming said item at any Sculptor's Idol via "Dragonrot Restoration" will heal all affected characters.

Once the Sculptor's has recovered from his disease, speak to Emma to receive Ashina Sake.

Progression #5 (Death Wish)

Ashina Outskirts (Outskirts Wall - Gate Path)

Speak to the Timid Maid to receive the Young Lord's Bell Charm.

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

Interact with the statue of the kind-faced Buddha inside the temple to enter the Hirata Estate memory.

Hirata Estate (Hirata Estate - Hidden Temple)

Defeat Lady Butterfly.

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

Upon returning from the memory, interrogate the Sculptor and "ask what the Buddha showed to him" to have him reply that all he can see are incessant flames consuming everything in sight.

Before defeating Great Shinobi - Owl, offer the Ashina Sake, the Monkey Booze and the Unrefined Sake (order doesn't matter) to the Sculptor.

After triggering the first invasion of Ashina Castle by the Central Forces, eavesdrop on Emma and the Sculptor, then talk to the former. Reload the area to have her disappear and speak with the Sculptor, who'll tell Wolf he'll be the one to kill him.

Ashina Outskirts (Flames of Hatred)

While fighting the Demon of Hatred, Wolf will now have some unique lines.

Progression #6 (Sake)

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

If offered different drinks, he will reminisce about what each one reminds him of:

Quest Items

Shinobi Esoteric Text.png
Shinobi Esoteric Text
(Given after Wolf obtains 1 Skill Point)
Prosthetic Esoteric Text.png
Prosthetic Esoteric Text
(Given after Wolf unlocks three Prosthetic Tools)

Rot Essence

Rot Essence Sculptor.png
Rot Essence: Sculptor    

After Waking Up Wolf: ... What is this?

Sculptor: So, you're awake. Looks like death is not your fate... just yet.

First Encounter Sculptor: What do you call yourself?

Wolf: ........
Sculptor: Your eyes... The eyes of a wolf who has failed in his duties... Or so it seems to me.
Wolf: That is not your concern.
Sculptor: Spoken like a true shinobi. I must carve the Buddha. You do what you will.

Asking "How Did I Get Here" Wolf: Why am I here?

Sculptor: ... All I did was drag you here. Didn't even know if I was dragging a corpse. Couldn't let you get eaten by a pack of wild dogs.
Wolf: How long was I asleep?
Sculptor: Some time has passed since I found you.
Wolf: ... I see.
Sculptor: However... Your master yet lives. He's being held prisoner in Ashina Castle. They will soon make use of his bloodline. Looking at you, I'm sure you appreciate the value it has.

Asking About Left Arm Wolf: My left arm... What did you do to me?

Sculptor: That is what I call the Shinobi Prosthetic. A fitting fang for a one-armed wolf. Useless when it comes to carving Buddha though. You can have it.
Wolf: Shinobi Prosthetic...
Sculptor: It is no mere replacement for your lost arm. Come to me if you find any shinobi tools.
Wolf: Shinobi tools? I see. For this device...
Sculptor: You catch on quick. If you bring me shinobi tools, I'll find a way to fit them to the Shinobi Prosthetic. Then you'll come to appreciate its worth. I've said too much... Go now.

Asking About the Divine Heir's Blood Wolf: What did you mean when you said they'll make use of his bloodline?

Sculptor: I don't know much about him. Except... The Dragon's Heritage. There's a special kind of blood by that name. And that blood runs through your master's veins.
Wolf: So the Divine Heir... Someone's after him.
Sculptor: Might be that the strange things happening to your body have something to do with that.

Leaving for the First Time Sculptor: You're quite the strange one, yet... Other peculiar visitors have come to this temple. There's one in the clearing to the right of the gate leading off the temple grounds. Two strangers in strange circumstances...
Talking (Generic) Sculptor: No matter what I do, any Buddha I carve is an incarnation of wrath. Thus is the fate of those who owe a deep karmic debt. You'll understand when you try carving one for yourself one day. So... Need something?
Talking While Having Young Lord's Bell Charm Sculptor: I can... hear the ring-ring of a bell chime.

Wolf: You mean... this old bell? An old woman asked me to offer it to Buddha.
Sculptor: That bell... Have you seen it before?
Wolf: No... It is unfamiliar.
Sculptor: It appears the bell disagrees. I think it's trying to tell you something.
Wolf: What...?
Sculptor: Give it as an offering. That kind-faced Buddha near the wall is different from the Buddhas I make. It was carved by the hand of the true Sculptor...

Talking Before Offering Charm Sculptor: I've gone and said much too much. Anyway, do what you will. Offer the bell to Buddha, or don't. So... Need something?
Offering Charm to Buddha Sculptor: Close your eyes. Hear the bell speak to you. The bell's chime will stir your throughts... and awaken old memories from their slumber.
Awakening in the Temple Once Again Sculptor: (coughing) So... you're awake. Your death is not your fate... just yet.
Afflicted with Dragonrot Sculptor: (Coughing)

Wolf: What's wrong...?!
Sculptor: Dragonrot. The Stagnation overflows and spreads... A disease that leads eventually to death...
Wolf: ...What... are you talking about?
Sculptor: You don't need to worry about me. I'm... not normal, you see. It's difficult for me... to speak now. Ask Emma... about the rest...

  • Talking Again

Sculptor: (Cough, cough...)
Wolf: Sculptor...
Sculptor: I don't need your concern. I'm... not normal, you see. No mere Dragonrot... will kill me.

Talking while Emma is Treating Him Sculptor: (Cough) You're.... here too? It's so... busy here today...
Talking After Entering the Hirata Estate memory Sculptor: ... So you're back.

Wolf: Was that... a dream...? Or was it real? Sculptor: Hmm... Whether it was a dream or it was reality... I have no idea. There is one thing I can tell you... The Great Buddha has seen fit to awaken old memories within you. What you felt, what you remembered... That is what it all depends upon. I’m not sure if what I saw is what truly happened... That's how it works.

After Defeating Lady Butterfly Wolf: It appears... As though your old memories have been awakened.

Sculptor: ...Yes. I saw... the Divine Heir.
Wolf: I see.
Sculptor: I won't say any more, and neither should you. All that you saw was yours alone.

Saying Nothing Wolf: I understand.

Sculptor: Good.

Asking What the Buddha Showed Him Sculptor... What did that Buddha show you?

Sculptor: Were you listening?
Wolf: ...Tell me.
Sculptor: Flames.
Wolf: Flames...?
Sculptor: That is all I can see. It doesn't matter what offering I make. Flames... spreading as far as the eye can see and consuming Ashina...
Wolf: That's...
Sculptor: We're done here.

Talking After Acquiring At Least One Skill Point Sculptor: Seems to me your battle sense has returned. You're more like a shinobi than before, if only a little. Take this.

Wolf: What is it...?
Sculptor: Shinobi techniques... Recorded within are fighting techniques that cannot be performed by samurai. Whether you make use of them or not is up to you. Shinobi aren't the only ones with their own fighting techniques...

Presenting First Tool Wolf: I've found one...

Sculptor: A shinobi tool?
Wolf: Yes.
Sculptor: I said before that your prosthetic arm was a fang... But by fitting shinobi tools to your arm you'll be able to change the form of that fang. Thick shields? Break them into splinters... Swift foes? Bring them down from afar. Fitting more devices means more ways to slay your enemies. If there's someone that needs killing, there's a proper way to kill them... That's all there is to it.
Wolf: ... Seems you know this prosthetic very well.
Sculptor: I should calm myself. The more I speak of bloodshed, the more demonic my sculptures will become. Give it here. I'll fir that tool for you.

Talking After Fitting First Tool Sculptor: If you want more forms for that fang of yours... You'll need to search for more shinobi tools. There's no turning back from this path now. The least I can do is load your arm.
After Acquiring Mechanical Barrel Sculptor: Ohhh... I see you've acquired something quite interesting. A mechanical barrel. It's a mechanism that can serve as the very core of the prosthetic. Hand it here. I'll fit it to the arm for you.

Wolf: What difference does the barrel make?
Sculptor: With a versatile base such as this... I can use various purifying agents to further hone that fang of yours.
Wolf: Purifying agents?
Sculptor: Purifying agents are materials that can be used together with the barrel... things like gunpowder and scrap metal. So if you find something of that sort, be sure to bring it my way.

After Fitting At Least 3 Prosthetic Tools To Your Arm Sculptor: The Shinobi prosthetic... Appears you've taken to it quite well. Here, this is for you. (Gives Shinobi Esoteric Text)

Wolf: What is it...?
Sculptor: It contains ways to... Bite into your foes with that fang of yours... In other words, fighting techniques for your prosthetic arm.
Wolf: ...I see.
Sculptor: I had thought that prosthetic techniques wouldn't ever be needed again... But it seems I was wrong.

Talking Sculptor: If you want more forms for that fang of yours... You'll need to search for more Shinobi tools. There's no turning back from this path now. The least I can do is load your arm.
Talking After Obtaining the Finger Whistle Sculptor: What's that you have there... Where did you get that finger?

Wolf: The Guardian Ape of the Sunken Valley... I found it in his belly.
Sculptor: ... I see. ... To think it was in the belly of an Ape... Let me see it. I'll fix it to your prosthetic arm.

Talking After Crafting the Malcontent Sculptor: ... Listen. That finger whistle I've fixed onto your arm... I'm sure it'll play a somber... but enjoyable tune. Make sure you use it well.

After Defeating Genichiro Sculptor: Oh, you're here? Need something?

Wolf: The Divine Heir...
Sculptor: Huh?
Wolf: You saved him.
Sculptor: That has nothing to do with me.
Wolf: It does... You have my thanks.
Sculptor: ...... The shadow in your eyes... it's become a shade lighter.
Wolf: What?
Sculptor: No matter... So, you need something?

Talking (Generic) Sculptor: I've abandoned the path of the Shinobi. Yet I couldn't abandon that Shinobi Prosthetic no matter how hard I tried. I'd never have believed that one such as myself would save another who'd lost their arm like you have... I'm sure it is fate.
Talking (Generic) Sculptor: ......... Ahh.. I'm parched. Could use a cup of tea...
Talking (Generic) Sculptor: Idols are all I can carve.The only Buddhas the wood shows me have... faces of wrath. And I can only carve what I see.
When Emma is by the Sculptor's side Sculptor: I see you're here, too... I'm busy carving my Buddha.
After Eavesdropping on Emma Talking about the Central Forces Sculptor: You'll be the one to kill me.

Wolf: ... What are you talking about?
Sculptor: Don't play the fool. To make her have to kill me... I don't think I could bear it. Please...

Greeting Afterward (generic) Sculptor: ......... This temple has too many visitors lately.
Talking Afterward (generic) Wolf: ........ Sculptor?

Sculptor: ...What? Need something?

Leaving Afterward (generic) Sculptor: ...Hey. Don't be afraid to go all out.
Talking After Defeating Great Shinobi - Owl Sculptor: A true wolf... Would choose for himself how to use his fangs. ... The look on your face tells me you've done just that.
Hinting at Eavesdropping Sculptor: ......... Say...

Wolf: What?
Sculptor: Did you know? This temple is horribly drafty.
Wolf: ........ Sure it is.

Talking After Defeating Owl (Father) Sculptor: You have a slightly different air about you now. It's as though... you've overcome something.

While Emma is tending to the Dragonrot-infected Sculptor Sculptor: (Cough, cough...)

Emma: Yes... That should be enough. Thank you, Orangutan.
Sculptor: Emma. What are you going to do... with the coughed-up blood of an old bastard...?
Emma: I'm going to research the Dragonrot. I want to find the cure for it. Orangutan... I'm doing this for your sake, too.
Sculptor: ... You are, are you? I don't need your meddling, I'll get over it on my own...
Emma: ......... Hmm. Now then... let me take a look... Dragonrot infected blood... How exactly... Is this illness caused...?
Sculptor: ......... Hah. Dougen... Emma is just like you.

After the Central Forces invade Ashina Emma: Orangutan... The Central Forces are here.

Sculptor: ... Are they now? They never change their thieving ways...
Emma: Are the flames... still burning?
Sculptor: Emma... The answer to that isn't going to change. I could carve Buddha idols for all eternity and the flames of hatred would still rage on. The most I can do is keep them in check.
Emma: ......... Orangutan.
Sculptor: What is it?
Emma: If the time ever comes, then I'll...
Sculptor: ......... I have Buddha to carve... Good-bye...

Given Dragonspring Sake Wolf: I brought sake.

Sculptor: Oh, is this Dragonspring? I'll have some. Hooh.... Dragonspring...? That's fine quality sake. I'll take it then. Now that really hits the spot... There's nothing quite like this.
I often drank this with Dogen... Emma would keep our cups filled. Have you known Lady Emma for long? That was a long time ago... I found her on a battlefield... a battlefield. She crept up slowly towards me, her eyes fixed, unwavering on the rice I held in my hand. It became too much to bear, so I gave it to her. Then she just started following me. After that...
Well, a while later... Ashina became a dangerous place for the both of us. Around then Dogen adopted her as his daughter. ........ I suppose it didn't really matter where she ended up. One thing's for sure, she's happier for the fact she wasn't raised by a shinobi.

Given Ashina Sake Wolf: I brought some tea.

Sculptor: (Sniffs) This "tea" smells pretty good. Suppose I'll have some. Oh, I needed that.. This tea reminds me of Emma's father. About Lady Emma's father... Dogen... He was an extraordinary doctor. He was also very well-versed in mechanisms and devices. ... Better put, he was obsessed with mechanisms to the point that it affected his health... He didn't take much else seriously, but I owed him my life... Ah, and we could say that you owe him your life as well.
Wolf: What do you mean?
Sculptor: When I lost my left arm, Dogen created that thing... which has now become your left arm. The first version was a complete failure, didn't work at all. So he remade it. Then he remade it again, and again, countless times. (chuckles)
Wolf: What?
Sculptor: He told me I needed to practice with the prosthetic in order to use it properly... So Emma would pester me into carving her spinning tops and other toys. After much... training... of that sort, it came to be called a Shinobi Fang. In other words, that prosthetic arm... is Dogen's legacy. His legacy... Ahh... so much time has passed. ......... While I have abandoned my shinobi ways... That alone, I could not bear to abandon.

Given Monkey Booze Wolf: I brought something for you.

Sculptor: ... Monkey Booze, is it? Haaa! It burns the throat, same as ever. This really brings back memories.
Wolf: Did you drink this often?
Sculptor: I trained in the techniques of the shinobi in the valley where the monkeys dwelled...
Wolf: ... By yourself?
Sculptor: ... No. There were two of us. We were rogue shinobi... There was no proper master for the likes of us. That's why we went to the valley. To run, to jump, to clash swords... where one slip would mean your doom. That was how we trained.
... We came to move exactly as monkeys did after a time. I'd drink this Monkey Booze whenever I tired of training. And I’d listen to the howl of my partner’s whistling finger while I drank.
Wolf: Howl...?
Sculptor: It was from his unique ring... Whistling through that ring... Would fill the valley with a somber melody.
Strangely enough, I enjoyed that sound. I listened to it so often.

Given Unrefined Sake Wolf: I brought some sake.

Sculptor: Don't mind if I do. Hmm...
Wolf: Is it not to your liking?
Sculptor: ... No, it's damn good. Ahhh! But it does make my old wounds ache.
Wolf: Your left arm?
Sculptor: Yes. And this sake was a favorite... of the man who cut it off.
Wolf: Who was...?
Sculptor: Lord Isshin.
Wolf: ... Isshin? Why?
Sculptor: ......... He... did it for my sake. Ahhh. I was on the verge of being consumed...
Wolf: Consumed by what?
Sculptor: ... Shura. ... Well, whether you believe me or not, that's for you to decide. But you'd do well to beware... Shura's shadow.


  • If failed to acquire prior to the Sculptor's disappearance, both the Shinobi Esoteric Text and Prosthetic Esoteric Text will be found near his Workshop.
  • In New Game Plus, if one has chosen to abandon Kuro's Charm in the young lord's hands, the Sculptor (and later his Workshop) will hold Kuro's Charm, in case the player desires to retrieve it, but it won't be possible to separate from it again for the rest of the whole playthrough.


  • His japanese name 仏師 literally translates to "sculptor specialized in Buddha statues".
  • In japanese, his old shinobi name 猩々 refers to a spirit with red hair and face called shōjō, that has a particular fondness for alcohol.
  • The temple where the Sculptor resides is covered in ofuda, sacred talismans used to repel or imprison evil spirits.

Cut Content

  • It is revealed through some text files in the game that there was going to be another way to cure Dragonrot, that involved Wolf giving the cure, a medicinal drink, to those affected by the disease:
Cut Dialogue
Giving Dragonrot Cure Sculptor: (Cough, cough...)

Wolf: I've brought medicine for the Dragonrot. Lady Emma made it.
Sculptor: Emma did it...? So she did...

After Giving Dragonrot Cure Sculptor: ........ (Cough)

Wolf: Any change?
Sculptor:Well... Breathing's a bit... easier now. ...Well? Need something else?
Wolf: ......... Sculptor. You said you're "not normal." What does that mean?
Sculptor:......... The only thing I do at this desolate, ruined temple... is carve wrathful Buddha idols. These are not the actions of one who is right in the head.

With Emma Sculptor: Emma. What are you going to do... with the coughed-up blood of an old bastard...?

Emma: I'm going to research the Dragonrot. I want to find the cure for it. Orangutan... I'm doing this for your sake, too.
Sculptor: ... You are, are you? I don't need your meddling. I'll get over it on my own...
Emma: ......... Hmm. Now then... Let me take a look... Dragonrot infected blood... How exactly... Is this illness caused...?
Sculptor: ......... Hah. Dougen... Emma is just like you.