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Sakura Bull of the Palace is a Mini-Boss located in the Fountainhead Palace.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Side-to-Side Swing: swings the burning bundle side to side in a frenzy, charging forward.
  • Swing: a wide-angle side swing or two.
  • Charge Slam: charges forward at its target, readying its head for an uppercut slam. If the attack doesn't connect, it will lose balance and stumble.
  • Frenzy: enters a crazed state where it leaps about slamming its head up and down. Eventually hits a wall and stumbles. It only uses this move when at low health.

The Bull can be dropped onto from the roofs above, performing a Deathblow on it, halving its health for the rest of the fight. It is greatly vulnerable to Shinobi Firecrackers, just like other beasts. Try staying at its read end as it attempts to turn to attack. Dodge to the side to avoid its charging attack and try baiting it into charging into walls to make it stumble, opening up a longer window to attack.


+2290 Skill Experience
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead
Sculptor's Karma - Scars Icon.png
A Beast's Karma