Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

In-Game Description

Rice that spilled from the palms of the Child of Rejuvenation. Gradually recovers Vitality for a time. Even in falsehood, the power of the Dragon's Blood brings a bountiful harvest.

Rice is precious.
The flavour grows richer with each bite and is sure to raise one's spirits.





Used to recover Vitality over time for 30 seconds.

Since its healing properties are in effect even once Vitality is fully restored, it can be used together with Red Lumps to mitigate the damage taken from trading hits.

The Divine Child won't give this item to Wolf, if he already has a copy in his inventory.

Can be given to the Faithful One at Senpou Temple to learn how to reach the "fresh fruit".

Can be given to the Faithful One at the Sunken Valley to learn how to reach the "dried fruit".

Can be sold for Sen.png 10.


  • The only way to obtain two copies of this item in one playthrough is to follow the Divine Child's questline, until she aks for a Persimmon: upon giving it to her, she'll gift Rice to Wolf, even if he already has it in his inventory.
  • After the Divine Child has consumed the two Serpent Persimmons and given her Frozen Tears to Wolf, this item will become unobtainable for the rest of the playthrough, as at any request of it she'll instead gift Fine Snow.