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The battle memory of an extraordinary foe.

Although distant, recollection of such a memory provided sustenance for the Wolf.


Remnant Gyoubu.png

Remnant: Gyoubu

Gyoubu Oniwa once led a group of infamous bandits, but was defeated by Isshin, who was so captivated by his show of strength that he took him in as an Ashina warrior. Oniwa would later go on to become Genichiro Ashina's most trusted retainer.

Remnant Lady Butterfly.png

Remnant: Lady Butterfly

The Phantom Lady Butterfly was appointed by the Wolf's foster father as one of his mentors in the shinobi techniques. These mentors employed strict methods. The cultivation of shinobi techniques can only be achieved in the midst of battle.

Remnant Genichiro.png

Remnant: Genichiro

Born a peasant, Genichiro Ashina was taken in by the Ashina after his mother's death. With his country on the brink of defeat, Genichiro took to heretical arts and mastered the Lightning of Tomoe. Such heresy may be the key to saving her.

Remnant Screen Monkeys.png

Remnant: Screen Monkeys

The Halls of Illusion lie on the threshold betwixt life and death. Departed souls of the Divine Children drift and savvy, taking shelter in the monkeys of the temple. Such is why the Divine Child of Rejuvenation speaks of them as friends.

Remnant Guardian Ape.png

Remnant: Guardian Ape

They say that an infested body is the mark of the undying, but such a long life would surely be quite lonesome for even an ape. Perhaps the echoing roar of the Guardian Ape was in fact a solicitation of sorts.

Remnant Headless Ape.png

Remnant: Headless Ape

At one time the Guardian Ape shared its den with a mate. But he alone became infested, while others passed away. Now, even the flowers offered in tribute to her passing have withered to dust.

Remnant Corrupted Monk.png

Remnant: Corrupted Monk

The Corrupted Monk donned the mask of a fierce guardian deity. Her form was nebulous, appearing as if in a dream. What reason could there have been for guarding the Mibu Village cave entrance.

Remnant True Monk.png

Remnant: True Monk

The Corrupted Monk was among the infested, standing over the Fountainhead Palace. Indeed, immortality would seem fitting quality for eternal watcher of the palace. Her true name was Priestess Yao.

Remnant Great Shinobi.png

Remnant: Great Shinobi

The Great Shinobi Owl's unbridled ambition was to obtain the power of the Dragon's Heritage. Now is the time to let one's true name ring out across all of Japan. It was all for the sake of ambition.

Remnant Divine Dragon.png

Remnant: Divine Dragon

The Divine Dragon of the Everblossom came from the west long ago, eventually making its way to this land. Some parts of Ashina are exceedingly old. Water coursing through her ancient rocks and soil allowed the Dragon to take root.

Remnant Foster Father.png

Remnant: Foster Father

Owl took in the hungry cub on a whim and raised him as a Shinobi. The process was so engrossing that he hoped they might enjoy a true battle to the death some day.
He got his wish, if only in an old memory.

Remnant Hatred Demon.png

Remnant: Hatred Demon

A man who failed to become Shura instead become a vessel for the flames of hatred. As fate would have it, he was bound stubbornly to this world. It wasn't until he became a demon that he was finally able to depart for the next.

Remnant Isshin Ashina.png

Remnant: Isshin Ashina

The elderly Isshin was akin to a sharpened blade. His steadily honed techniques culminated in the Ashina Style, soundly eliminating all wasted or idle movement. A master who took the spirit of his craft to its pinnacle; a true sword saint

Remnant Saint Isshin.png

Remnant: Saint Isshin

One who returns from the great beyond does so at the peak of their prosperity. Isshin coveted strength and all manner of techniques throughout his mortal struggle. He wished for war until his final hour, and that is precisely what he got.

Remnant Inner Genichiro.png

Remnant: Inner Genichiro

A young Genichiro watched as Tomoe danced. Her movements held secrets and a height of technique that not even even a lifetime could attain. And yet in memory, after countless bouts with his mortal enemy, Genichiro at last reached those heights.

Remnant Inner Father.png

Remnant: Inner Father

Owl once abandoned the young Wolf in Usui Forest, expecting him to fend against the illusions, likely never to return. Only in victory would he recognize the boy as his son. In this way, and this way alone, he raised the Wolf as his own.

Remnant Inner Isshin.png

Remnant: Inner Isshin

All his life, Isshin sought opponents whom he could face in battle to the death. It would be foolish to believe that his thirst could be sated in memory. To face the one who cut him down... How the blood boils at the thought.


  • The maximum Attack Power attainable is 99, yet it's possible to convert further Memories into Remnants even after this treshold, although it will have no effect on Wolf.