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A loose prayer bead.

Offering 4 of them at a Sculptor's Idol will increase maximum Vitality and Posture.

Prayer Bead


In total, there are 40 prayer beads that are attainable in the game. With 4 prayer beads, it is possible to create a Prayer Bead Necklace, which increases maximum vitality and posture. Awarded for defeating bosses and minibosses. Sometimes also found in chests:


Ashina Outskirts

After Final Invasion

Hirata Estate

Second Version

Ashina Castle

After Overrun with Shinobi

After Final Invasion

Ashina Depths

  • Awarded for defeating Snake Eyes Shirahagi
  • After beating Snake Eyes Shirahagi, going into the cave behind her and looking up Wolf will see a grapple point. Upon proceeding, Wolf will have to crouch to get past 2 low hanging stones. Stopping between the two of them and jumping up the cliff, Wolf will be able to wall jump up to the top of a statue, where he will find the prayer bead.
  • Awarded for defeating Tokujiro the Glutton in the Hidden Forest
  • Two are awarded for defeating the Headless Ape in the Ashina Depths. Requires defeating the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley first.
  • Awarded for defeating O'Rin of the Water in Mibu Village
  • From the Water Mill Sculptor's Idol, going through O'rin of the Water's arena, over the bridge, and up to the house, there is an opening to the right-side of the house's stairs Wolf can crouch under. Proceeding under the house, the Wolf will encounter shinobi floorboards. Going outside the house and grappling to the 2nd Floor, the item can be found on a shrine.
  • In a chest at the bottom of the lake in Mibu Village. This can only be obtained after receiving the Mibu Breathing Technique from the Corrupted Monk.

Senpou Temple

Sunken Valley

  • From the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor's Idol, turn the opposite direction of the Sunken Valley, and follow the path leading to an open area with monuments.
  • Awarded for defeating Snake Eyes Shirafuji
  • Awarded for defeating Long-arm Centipede Giraffe
  • In the arena with Long-arm Centipede Giraffe, there is a hole in the ground. Drop down, crouch, keeping to the left Wolf will come across a chasm. Looking up, there will be multiple grapple point, and keeping to the right will lead Wolf to the Prayer Bead

Fountainhead Palace

Prayer Bead Necklaces

Each Prayer Necklace sheds light on the story of one character or group of characters in its description.

First Prayer Necklace
The ferocity of Ashina's army is renowned throughout the nation. Its generals are especially talented, every one of them accomplished in the Ashina sword style.
Second Prayer Necklace
In Ashina, there is a towering pink ogre of a man, said to have gone red-eyed and run amok before he was long shut away in a forsaken dungeon...
Third Prayer Necklace
The bull was a fiery, rampaging beast and nothing more. In the last great war, the corpses of Ashina samurai piled high. Something had to be done.
Fourth Prayer Necklace
Only those who have mastered the Ashina blade may set foot inside the castle dojo. Isshin will often stop by unannounced, just to keep the students on their toes.
Fifth Prayer Necklace
The gun fort of Sunken Valley is commanded by the Snake Eyes, an elite force of women able to pierce distant targets with mighty flint cannons and phenomenal vision.
Sixth Prayer Necklace
The Centipedes will seek out a leader, often changing names out of loyalty. Centipede chiefs are known as "Long-arms", for their large talon-like weapons.
Seventh Prayer Necklace
An unrivaled sumo wrestler once served a great feudal lord. Dismissed after giving to drink, he fell to a life of brigandry. And so he was dubbed Juzou the Drunkard.
Eighth Prayer Necklace
Lone Shadows are the Interior Ministry's most trusted agents. Each of leader Masatsuna Oribe's seventeen born has a specialty, from poison to shinobi hounds.
Ninth Prayer Necklace
Robert's father came from afar across seas to the south, in search of the Undying. Repelling a thousand blades was a small price for the blessing of rejuvenation...
Final Prayer Necklace
The Seven Spears of Ashina were pivotal in Isshin's coup. He awarded the lance to none but his most loyal samurai. Yet now, only a few of the Seven remain
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