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The Palace Nobles are men who mutated into weird fish-like creature through the consumption of the divine water of the Fountainhead Palace.

They have a craving for youth and, when desperate, they are even willing to cannibalise Okami Warriors.

There are two types of Palace Nobles:

Blue-Robed Noble


Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngOpportunistic Lunge: after performing Sap Youth on Wolf successfully, lunges forward, toppling Sekiro, and plunges the flute in his neck.
  • Sap Youth: raise the flute up to his mouth and starts to beckon the youth out of the Wolf's body. If the meters fills up all the way through, Enfeeblement will occurr, turning Sekiro into an old man who's unable of moving in his usual agile way.

While they're extremely fragile, they can become dangerous if their guards rush to their defense, so it's best to approach the Fountainhead Palace with stealth.

Given their small health pool and defense, Shuriken can safely put them down from the distance.

+530 Skill Experience Sen.png 87
Pellet x1
Lump of Fat Wax.png
Lump of Fat Wax x1
Lump of Grave Wax.png
Lump of Grave Wax x1


Red-Robed Noble


  • Mibu Manor: one is found inside the building with the chest containing Divine Grass.
  • Palace Grounds: inside the building, consuming the flesh off the corpses of some Okami.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Punch: throws a punch and then follows it with a backhand slap.
  • Stab: slowly stabs Wolf with his flute.

Almost completely harmless, they'll die in a few hits without much retaliation.