Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
Powered medicine for calming nerves, used by those who deal in unspeakable deed.

Reduce Terror buildup and increases Terror resistance for 30 seconds.
Grave keepers, executioners, the memorial mob... all who keep death close keep this powder closer, adhering to a simple rule: If seized with fear, cover your rear.

Pacifying Agent.png
Pacifying Agent.gif

Resets Terror build-up and increases Terror resistance for 30 seconds afterwards. Especially useful for fighting Shichimen Warrior, Headless, Guardian Ape's second phase and Headless Ape. Can be sold for Sen.png 8.

Ashina Outskirts
  • From the Outskirts Wall - Stairway Sculptor's Idol, turn into the stairway's opposite direction and drop onto the ledge behind the Rooster. Grapple onto the small platform below to reach the two Balloons.
Ashina Castle
  • To the left from before the stairway leading to the castle, open two sets of gates. The item is by a tree in the grass.
  • Towards the Great Serpent Shrine from the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol.
Abandoned Dungeon
Senpou Temple
  • On the path to the left where the Monks patrol after the first gatehouse.

Fountainhead Palace
  • Two behind the Flower Viewing Stage under a waterfall.
Hirata Estate
Ashina Castle
  • Found by a group of stones after a small tunnel that opens from the right in the Great Serpent Shrine.
  • Behind a wall of icy rocks near a pool of water, at the ledge with monuments and graves.
Abandoned Dungeon
  • Found in Doujun's surgery.
  • On the first small island in the Underground Waterway.
  • Coming from the Dungeon, drop to a ledge overlooking the Shichimen Warrior.
  • In the tall grass on the Mibu Village road among the houses.
Senpou Temple
  • Left from the path where the Monks patrol after the first gatehouse, behind a rock.
Sunken Valley
  • From the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor's Idol, turn the opposite direction of the Sunken Valley, and follow the path leading to an open area with monuments.
  • In the open area with monuments behind an ice pillar.
  • On a ledge after the Riven Cave Sculptor's Idol near a Monkey.
  • Next to the group of Monkeys on a cliff in Riven Cave.
Ashina Depths
  • Right before the Ashina Depths Sculptor's Idol, falling from the hole.