Owl Great Shinobi - Owl Owl (Father)

The veteran master shinobi and foster father of the Wolf, three years younger and still in his prime. After assassinating Wolf for his own selfish goals of obtaining the Dragon's blood, he remains in the burning temple and recognizes the Wolf has become immortal through that very blood and realizes his son lives. Thus, he attacks him in order to remove the threat to his plans. Being younger, Owl is exceedingly stronger and faster and still possesses his magical abilities. He is considered by many as the hardest boss in the game. He can be fought within the Hidden Temple of the extended Hirata memory, which can be accessed after defeating Great Shinobi - Owl.

To access this version of the memory, one has to eavesdrop on Kuro and go with Emma's plan to search for a way to sever immortality without Kuro dying, then later eavesdrop on Emma as she talks to the Sculptor. After this, when confronted, she will give the Father's Bell Charm that unlocks the extended memory.

Behaviour and Tactics

How To Beat Owl Dad Sekiro no dmg

How To Beat Owl Dad Sekiro no dmg

Phase 1

  • Talons: strikes a maximum of two cuts, and tends to follow up with Exploding Cut.
  • Dashing Talon: rushes head on then slashes up to three time before following up with a quick Sweeping Talon.
  • Exploding Cut: quickly jabs with his elbow and slashes, before tossing a cloud of black gunpowder in front then slashes once again, resulting in a powerful exploding cut which able to deals chip damage even with successful deflect.
  • Owl's Flight: jumps kick off Wolf as a stepping stone, leaping back a short distance and only deals Posture damage if connected.
  • Great Talon: throws two shuriken then jumps forward in a somersault with a strong, dropping smash upon landing. Another variation starts with him side stepping thrice and throws one shuriken. He forgoes the shuriken completely when Wolf is healing nearby. 
  • Overwhelming Slice: throws a shuriken then immediately follows up with a powerful guard-breaking slice.
  • Empowered Firecrackers: he jumps back and throw a cloud of delayed exploding firecracker powder and tends to follow up with Exploding Cut.
  • Nimble Strike: rolls forward and delivers a delayed overhead strike. If Wolf step-dodges to his side, he quickly rotates and does a spinning attack, which he connects with another two slashes if it was deflected. When Wolf has moved beyond reach, he will jump forth and does a spinning attack in mid-air.
  • Perilous AttackSweeping Talon: dashes rapidly twice before delivering a Perilous Sweep attack. Usually, this is quickly followed by Nimble Strike.
  • Perilous AttackShadowfall: slides and delivers a long-ranged thrust attack, which, if it hits, will be followed with two powerful spinning sword attacks as he descends. It is the very same move which can be learned from Mushin Esoteric Text.
  • Dominate: when near a posture-broken Wolf, he attempts to step on him. If connected, he steps on top of him and plunges the sword in his neck.
  • Mikiri Counter: when being attacked with a thrust attack, Shadowrush/Shadowfall or Loaded Spear, he steps on the weapon, leaps behind Wolf and cuts his back, then plunges the sword deep in his chest.

Phase 2

He calls forth an ethereal Owl Spirit, aiding him in battle with additional spectacular moves while hovering around.

  • Perilous AttackRaging Fires: calls the Owl back, engulfing it in flame and let it pierce everything in its path, including every Wolf's blocking attempts with Loaded Umbrella. Even when he was interrupted, the Owl Spirit will chase down Wolf regardless once the move has started.
  • Phasing Strike to Perilous AttackPerilous Sweep: he disappears, only to reappears where the Owl at and comes crashing down with a slash. If deflected, he does a Perilous Sweep or a delayed overhead strike.
  • Owl's Flight: jumps kick off Wolf as a stepping stone, leaps high backwards into the air and throws five shuriken in an arc concurrently.

When sprinted towards when he begins to approach it is possible to lock Owl into using the same three moves until the second phase. Unlike his present self, he will keep his distance and is considerably less aggressive. Attack him relentlessly until he uses his firecrackers. Quickly step-dodging to the side will allow one or two solid hits. The same strategy will work with Overwhelming Slice. This tactic should make the fight (Phase 1 especially) considerably easier. 

In Phase 2, the Owl Spirit is not an illusion, therefore the usage of Snap Seed is futile. 


+10,000 Skill Experience Sen 0
Memory Foster Father
Memory: Foster Father
Aromatic Flower
Aromatic Flower


  • Shadowfall is one of the many compound combat arts, which are recorded within the Mushin Esoteric Text, which belongs to Isshin Ashina. This implies that Owl and Isshin once fought each other before, and somehow Owl was able to learn this specific art after Isshin had compiled it.
Sekiro Approaches Owl: That day... I pulled you from the battlefield, a starving cub... I had no idea what you'd become.

Wolf: Father...
Owl: It breaks my heart... but I'm putting you down!

Engaging in Combat Very well!
Using Prosthetics The shinobi prosthetic... this was once... Curious device you have there...
Entering Phase 2 What a fine specimen you've become, Wolf. Allow me to honour your efforts... and show you this old Owl's true power!
Defeating Wolf Good riddance...starving wolf.
During Deathblow Wolf: Farewell...

Owl: Defeated by my own son? The feeling is not entirely unpleasant...

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