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Owl Great Shinobi - Owl Owl (Father)


Owl (梟) is a master shinobi and the mentor of Wolf. He took him under his wing after finding the young boy looting a battlefield. The man was ruthless with Wolf, appointing Lady Butterfly to train him in Usui's forest of mist and illusions, for that was the only way he could call the boy his own son. Through these hardships, Wolf too became a master shinobi and Owl entrusted him with the duty of protecting a young lord named Kuro, heir to the sacred Dragon's Blood.


Progression #1 (The Master is Absolute)

Hirata Estate (Bamboo Thicket Slope)

Talk to Owl to receive the Hidden Temple Key which allows Wolf to confront Lady Butterfly. Interacting with his corpse will have Sekiro repeat the instructions his father gave him to reach the Main Hall.

Progression #2 (The Father is Absolute)

Ashina Castle (Castle Tower Lookout)

After Wolf acquires the Lotus of the Palace, the Mortal Blade and the Shelter Stone, the Central Forces will launch a full scale assault on Ashina Castle. Atop the building, Owl will be found trying to persuade Kuro to join him. Seduced by the Dragon's Heritage, Owl commands Wolf to obey the Iron Code and abandon Kuro.

Progression #3 (Wish Granted)

Ashina Outskirts (Dilapidated Temple)

After receiving the Father's Bell Charm (see its page for more in-depth informations) from Emma, Wolf will be able to visit the Hirata Estate memory under a new perspective.

Hirata Estate (Hirata Audience Chamber)

After defeating Juzou the Drunkard a second time, Wolf will have a last face off with Owl (Father) for the Aromatic Flower.

Quest Item

Hidden Temple Key.png
Hidden Temple Key
(Given in Hirata Estate)
Talking Wolf: Father...

Owl: ...It's you... I'm afraid I...made a bit of a blunder. Perhaps...the years have finally caught up with me... Ugh! Don't bother tending to my wounds... No point... it's too late... Wolf... you must... take this...(Gives Hidden Temple Key)
Wolf: This is...
Owl: The key to the secret the Estate mansion. You'll find him... the Divine... Heir. Going through the front is not an option... you'd never get past the fire.
Wolf: Yes sir. Perhaps the cliffs just outside of here...
Owl: Yes... Return to the estate entrance, and look for a side route along the cliffs. Take the back entrance through the cemetary. That's your way in.
Wolf: Understood.
Owl: Wolf, never forget the Iron Code.
Wolf: Yes.
Owl: The master is absolute...! Wolf... protect your master... with... your life... (coughs)
Wolf: Father...

Inspect His Corpse Wolf: ......... Head to my left and follow the cliff... If I go through the cemetary there will be a path to the inner estate... Leave it to me, father.


  • In the Shura ending, Owl proclaims his real name is 薄井右近左衛門 (Usui Ukonzaemon), which ties him with Usui's Forest where Wolf and Lady Butterfly trained and the Mist Raven Bird is found.