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Okami Leader Shizu is a Mini-Boss located in Fountainhead Palace. She is perched on a branch of the great sakura tree and will attack Wolf if he were to jump in the large lake, even underwater.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Lightning Attack.pngLightning Ball: leaps up and charges her ball with lightning, then kicks it.
  • Ground Breaker: leaps high up and delivers a powerful scissor kick capable of breaking guard and killing Wolf instantly if not guarded. The ball will not hit her target when near or directly beneath her when she leaped.
  • Light Hitter: leaps high up, spins her body sideway and kicks a slow-moving curved ball.
  • Air Pedal: jumps and kick twice when Wolf is near.
  • Bounce Back: kicks the ball directly at Wolf twice.

Shizu only requires one Deathblow and is completely defenseless against a rush of attacks when engaged in close range. Defeating her will make it safe to swim in the lake below. Grapple onto the branch she's perched on from the Great Sakura Sculptor's Idol. Mid-air Deathblow will render this fight trivial, since she is vulnerable to Deathblow while charging the ball in the air.


+1887 Skill Experience
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead