O'Rin of the Water is a Mini-boss located in a graveyard just pass the Water Mill.

A woman who plays a shamisen, asking anyone passing by for the whereabouts of her Lord Sakuza. Her melody is what attracts Jinzaemon Kumano.

Behaviour and TacticsEdit

  • Perilous AttackPerilous Lunging Sweep: spins herself out of harm's way then lunges forward, slashing once, then connects with a Perilous Sweep.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Grab: when near a posture-broken Wolf, she attempts to hug him. If connected, she slits his neck and stabs through the collarbone.
  • Perilous AttackDeadly Spin: raises her blade in a pose, then spins towards Wolf at a lightning speed, slashes rapidly for four times and ends with a Perilous Sweep. She will stop halfway if Wolf was too far away. During phase two, adds another slash to the combo, making five hits in total.
  • Quick Attack: quickly spins forwards and either slashes once or twice.
  • Slow Attack: slashes twice with slight delays and may follow up with Blade Flourish in between.
  • Blade Flourish: initiates a delayed combo of five consecutive slashes, pauses then follow up with a finishing blow.

A rather dishonorable method is to trick her to follow Wolf back to the entrance of the area. Eventually she will get stuck between one of the rocks while retreating and will not retaliate, opening up for further damage.

She can also be engaged through a free Deathblow, if jumped upon from behind.

Despite having a ghost-like appearance when in combat, using Divine Confetti will not deal any bonus damage on her. However, Malcontent can still stun her if it was used in tandem with Projected Force, since simply using the Tool tends to miss if not timed correctly.


+1530 Skill Experience Sen 0
Prayer Bead
Prayer Bead
Breath of Life - Shadow Icon
Breath of Life - Shadow
Heavy Coin Purse
Heavy Coin Purse
(subsequent playthroughs)
From a Distance O'Rin: Urrhh... Nngh... Ahhh... Ahhh...
Walking Past Her O'Rin: You pretend not to see me...?
Talking O'Rin: (Crying)

Wolf: Why are you crying?
O'Rin: Because... I'm sad...
Wolf: What are you sad about?
O'Rin: I don't know where Lord Sakuza is. Or what he's doing. It breaks my heart. If I can't see him, I'd at least like to know... But... No matter how many letters I send, he never writes me back. And no one will tell me where he is. Actually, sir... Can you tell me? Where is Lord Sakuza?

Saying Nothing O'Rin: Ohh... so you won't tell me either... Why must everyone hide him from me? .........
Saying "I don't know" Wolf: I don't know.

O'Rin: Ohh... You're a liar, too... Why must everyone hide him from me?

Engaging in Combat O'Rin: Ohh... You, too... How dare you hide Lord Sakuza from me!
Phase 2 O'Rin: Ohh, Lord Sakuza... If you won't come to me... At least, instead...
Killing Wolf O'Rin: Why would you hide him from me?!
When killed O'Rin: Ohhh... I'm so glad. Lord Sakuza...brought me that man in his stead... Oh, and he's right over there...

Trivia Edit

  • For some reason, she has the same death animation as Emma, the Gentle Blade (if killed from the front), with Wolf even holding her until she falls.
  • Using Malcontent prior to the fight stuns her regardless, but will not provoke her, hinting at her origin.
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