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O'Rin of the Water (水生のお凜, O'Rin of Mibu) is an optional Mini-Boss with two Deathblow Counters.

Sobbing, she plays a shamisen, occasionaly asking anyone passing by for the whereabouts of her beloved Lord Sakuza.

Her sad melody enchants Jinzaemon Kumano.


Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngDeadly Spin: raises her blade in a pose, then spins towards Wolf at a lightning speed, slashes rapidly for four times and ends with a Perilous Sweep. She will stop halfway if Wolf was too far away. During phase two, adds another slash to the combo, making five hits in total.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: when near a posture-broken Wolf, she attempts to hug him. If connected, she slits his neck and stabs through the collarbone.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Lunging Sweep: spins herself out of harm's way then lunges forward, slashing once, then connects with a Perilous Sweep.
  • Blade Flourish: initiates a delayed combo of five consecutive slashes, pauses then follow up with a finishing blow.
  • Quick Attack: quickly spins forwards and either slashes once or twice.
  • Slow Attack: slashes twice with slight delays and may follow up with Blade Flourish in between.

A rather dishonorable method is to trick her to follow Wolf back to the entrance of the area. Eventually she will get stuck between one of the rocks while retreating and will not retaliate, opening up for further damage.

She'll aggro regardless of the answer Wolf gives or if he runs past her, but she'll always starts out passive even after she kills the player, so there's all the time to consume any buff before engaging her and, while it's not possible to land a stealth deathblow on her, the fight can be started with some free hits to her back.

As an apparition-type enemy, using Divine Confetti will deal bonus damage on her. Gokan's Sugar helps to mitigate the Posture damage of her relentless flurries of attacks.

While Malcontent does work on her, she's only vulnerable to its effect in those few moments where she assumes her corporeal form and, unlike the Headless and Shichimen Warrior, she'll leave the stagger as soon as she's hit by any attack. She's particularly vulnerable to the Sabimaru, which will deal massive Posture damage once the Poison procs, and will remain stunned for a short while once poisoned, just like Snake Eyes Shirafuji and Shirahagi.

Despite the speed of her combos, it's important to note that none requires consecutive deflections to be parried correctly, instead it's vital to time the deflection of every swing properly to not end-up Posture broken.

There aren't many openings to damage her Vitality, since she'll immediately deflect any attack, the major window of opportunity is after deflecting a combo as she's about to land her Perilous Lunging Sweep or her Perilous Grab.

O'Rin doesn't offer many chances to heal either, as she'll use her Quick Attack everytime Wolf attempts to consume an item. The best time to use any consumable is after deflecting a full combo, as she's dashing back and to the side to initiate another combo.

During Phase Two, it's best to ignore the first additional swing of her Deadly Spin, even using it as an opportunity to use the Healing Gourd, and to deflect the successive combo that she has already been using since her First Phase.


+1530 Skill Experience Sen.png 0
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead
Breath of Life - Shadow Icon.png
Breath of Life - Shadow
Heavy Coin Purse.png
Heavy Coin Purse
(subsequent playthroughs)
From a distance O'Rin: Urrhh... Nngh... Ahhh... Ahhh...
Walking pst her O'Rin: You pretend not to see me...? Ohh... You, too... How dare you hide Lord Sakuza from me!
Talking O'Rin: (Crying)
"Say nothing" Wolf: .........

O'Rin: (Crying)

"Ask why she cries" Wolf: Why are you crying?

O'Rin: Because... I'm sad...
Wolf: What are you sad about?
O'Rin: I don't know where Lord Sakuza is. Or what he's doing. It breaks my heart. If I can't see him, I'd at least like to know... But... No matter how many letters I send, he never writes me back. And no one will tell me where he is. Actually, sir... Can you tell me? Where is Lord Sakuza?

"I don't know" Wolf: I don't know.

O'Rin: Ohh... You're a liar, too... Why must everyone hide him from me?

"Say Nothing" Wolf: .........

O'Rin: Ohh... so you won't tell me either... Why must everyone hide him from me?

Engaging in combat O'Rin: Ohh... You, too... How dare you hide Lord Sakuza from me!
After first deathblow O'Rin: Ohh, Lord Sakuza... If you won't come to me... At least, instead...
Killing Wolf O'Rin: Why would you hide him from me?!
When killed (if Jinzaemon is at the Water Mill) O'Rin: Ohhh... I'm so glad. Lord Sakuza...brought me that man in his stead... Oh, and he's right over there...
When killed (if Jinzaemon isn't at the Water Mill) O'Rin: Uwaaah!


  • Killing her before Jinzaemon reaches the Water Mill will turn him hostile, making his Jinza's Jizo Statue unobtainable in the current playthrough.
  • The "Breath of Life - Shadow" latent skill that she drops stacks with the "Breath of Life - Light" combat art of the Shinobi Arts tree.
  • Prior to patch 1.03, it was possible to start her fight with a free stealth Deathblow, by jumping on her head from behind.


  • She's the only apparition type Mini-Boss that doesn't inflict any Terror build-up and is vulnerable to Poison.
  • Using Malcontent prior to the fight will stun her, but without provoking her, hinting at her true nature.
  • Her weakness to the poison of the Sabimaru might hint that she too is a descendant of the Okami.