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When It Starts (Spoilers)

After either defeating Isshin Ashina in the Shura ending or Isshin, the Sword Saint in all the other three endings, the credits will roll and at the end the player will be asked if they desire to start the New Game Cycle immediately.

If answered no, the game will inform the player that they can access the subsequent playthrough at any time by interacting with the Dilapidated Temple Sculptor's Idol, where Wolf will be found upon closing the message.

What Carries Over

What Changes

  • Kuro's Charm will be once again in Wolf's inventory at the beginning of NG+.
    • Upon entering NG+ for the first time, this item will now become visible in the inventory and, at the start of any New Game Cycle in every playthrough, Kuro will ask Wolf during their first encounter if he wishes to depart from it, even though that would mean facing further hardships.
  • The Bell Demon and its effect does not carry over to NG+.
  • Difficulty increases up to NG+ 7.
  • Alternate endings for both the mainquest and sidequests can be attempted.
  • All NPCs and world states reset.
  • Only Gourd Seeds missed in the first game cycle can be collected in NG+.
    • Previously acquired Gourd Seeds elsewhere are replaced with Divine Grass.
  • Only Prayer Beads missed in the first game cycle can be collected in NG+.

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