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When It Starts

In the case of the Shura Ending, new game starts after the final boss fight, while in the case of other endings, entering New Game Plus is optional. Subsequent playthroughs can be started via the Sculptor's Idol at the Dilapidated Temple at any time after defeating a final boss and acquiring one of the non-Shura endings.

What Carries Over

What Changes

  • The Bell Demon and its debuff does not carry over to NG+.
  • Difficulty increases until NG+ 7.
    • Enemies deal significantly more damage for each NG+, including Posture damage.
    • Posture does not regenerate as quickly on its own.
    • Skill Experience gains are increased for each NG+.
  • Alternate endings can be attempted.
  • All NPCs and world states reset.
  • Only Gourd Seeds and Prayer Beads missed in the first game cycle can be collected in NG+.
  • In subsequent playthroughs, Wolf will receive Kuro's Charm at the start of the game. Speaking to Kuro in the Moon-View Tower, it can be given to him, gaining a permanent debuff akin to the Bell Demon's one, making Wolf suffer chip damage from blocking attacks and removes the ability to deal a Deathblow to common enemies after a Mikiri Counter, but while increasing Sen and Skill Experience gain by ~20%. The Sculptor can remove this debuff but there will be no way to reenable it until the next subsequent playthrough.

Before NG+

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