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In-Game Description

A unique text of the legendary Ashina Mushin Compound Style.

Young Isshin would stop at nothing in his lust for power, and this single-minded search for strength ended in him taking Ashina for his own. This is the result of combining techniques from the styles he encountered. This drive defined Isshin's achievements and as such, this text will never be finished.

Mushin Esoteric Text.png



Unlocking the final Combat Art of any Skill Tree is necessary to receive this item.

The earliest this item can be retrieved is after defeating Genichiro and speaking with Isshin about the Mortal Blade to make the Tengu move from Ashina Outskirts to Ashina Castle.

Otherwise, Isshin can gift this item to Wolf, after the first invasion of Ashina Castle by the Central Forces is triggered, when he comes to talk to him in his room.

Lastly, when the final invasion hits Ashina, Sekiro has to ask Emma about "Isshin's parting words" to have a chance to obtain this Text.

Unlocks the Mushin Arts Combat Art tree.


  • If Wolf chooses to "obey the iron code" at Owl's request, this item will become unobtainable for the rest of the playthrough.