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There are five schools of Combat Arts Wolf can invest Skill Points into. These contain a variety of passive and active skills, some of which cost Spirit Emblems to use. The legendary Ashina Mushin (葦名無心流) Compound Style was created by a young Isshin Ashina in his lust for power, and is the result of combining techniques from the other styles he encountered.

Unlocked by obtaining the Mushin Esoteric Text. Speak to Isshin Ashina after defeating Genichiro to learn about the Mortal Blade's location, then speak to the Tengu of Ashina at the Great Serpent Shrine Sculptor's Idol after learning the final Combat Art of any tree.

Alternatively, if Wolf eavesdrops on Isshin's and Emma's conversation, Isshin will prompt whether he has learned a special technique, and give the Esoteric Text if so.

If neither of these are possible anymore, it can be acquired from Emma after defeating the Divine Dragon at the Fountainhead Palace.

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