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Three found on the grassy road towards the Great Serpent Shrine; two in the tall grass and one sitting atop a torii.

Several found on the right path leading down from Temple Grounds in Senpou Temple, accompanied by a Mallet-Wielding Taro Soldier Soldier.

Several of them, some wielding a rifle or a sword are sitting on a small island in the poison pools of Riven Cave along with a Monkey Warrior.

Behaviour and Tactics

Unarmed Monkey

Missing information.

Sword-Wielding Monkey

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Rifle-Wielding Monkey

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Monkey Warrior

A white Monkey wielding double katana.

Two of them found in Riven Cave, one standing by itself before the Toxic Memorial Mob, and another sitting on a small island in the poison pool, along with Monkeys wielding a rifle or a sword. Another two can be found near the Great Serpent Shrine Idol after the Interior Ministry's final invasion.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep: sweeps the ground with both katanas.
  • Swipes: two horizontal slashes.
  • Retreat: jumps back, slashing at the same time.
  • Jumping Smash: jumps up then comes smashing down.
  • Flurry: jumps back and initiates a rapid combo of 5 slashes, may ends with a last jumping smash.

Monkey Warriors are incredibly vulnerable to the Loaded Shuriken tool just like their Monkey counterpart.


  • The Monkeys in Riven Cave near the Poison Pool seem to be missing fur from their backs.