Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

The Mist Noble is a frail creature dressed in traditional noble garb, playing the flute in a closed off temple in the Hidden Forest. Entry to this temple requires a detour past Tokujiro the Glutton and through a hole in the roof. Defeating the noble will dissipate all the mist in the area along with all the ghost soldiers, revealing it to be an illusion spell.

Behaviors and Tactics

  • Weak Punches: throws two weak punches with a short delay in between.
  • Flute Stab: raises the flute in his left hand and plunges it after a medium delay.
  • Bite: crawls forward while using his long neck to bite down twice.

It is possible to perform a stealth attack for the first Deathblow. Upon entering the house, sneak along the beams until standing over the boss, then jump on him. After this, attack aggressively to deal as much damage as possible right away. It is possible to use Prosthetics here as well, but should not be necessary.


+257 Skill Experience Sen.png 39
Lump of Grave Wax.png
Lump of Grave Wax