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A Mibu balloon filled with fountainhead water, imbued with a blessing of wealth. If one props the golden Mibu balloon and prays, those its water splashes upon will acquire more coin for a period of time. "Mibu" means "aquatic life", or "life born of the water". The Ashina consider the fountainhead water itself to be worthy of worship.
Mibu Balloon of Wealth.png
Mibu Balloon of Wealth.gif

Increases the amount of Sen dropped by enemies for 150 seconds (2 minutes 30 seconds). Up to five can be carried. Can be sold for Sen.png 10.

Ashina Outskirts
Ashina Castle
  • To the left from before the stairway leading to the castle, open two sets of gates. The item is by a tree in the grass.
  • Towards the Great Serpent Shrine from the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol.
Abandoned Dungeon
Senpou Temple
  • On the path to the left where the Monks patrol after the first gatehouse.

Fountainhead Palace
  • Two behind the Flower Viewing Stage under a waterfall.
Hirata Estate