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In-Game Description

The battle memory of an extraordinary foe, lingering in the mind of the Wolf.
Commune with a Sculptor's Idol and confront memories of battle to permanently increase Attack Power.


After obtaining a Memory, interact with a Sculptor's Idol and select "Enhance Attack Power", then choose one available: the Memory will be converted into a Remnant and Wolf's Attack Power will rise by 1.

A boss whose Memory has been acquired will also become available for further battles in the Reflection of Strength.


Obtained by killing Bosses.

Memory Gyoubu.png

Memory: Gyoubu Oniwa

Gyoubu Masataka Oniwa was the keeper of the Ashina Castle Gate.

Memory Lady Butterfly.png

Memory: Lady Butterfly

The Phantom Lady Butterfly was a seasoned practitioner of illusions.

Memory Genichiro.png

Memory: Genichiro

As the Code dictates, the Wolf swore vengeance on Genichiro Ashina.

Memory Screen Monkeys.png

Memory: Screen Monkeys

The Folding Screen Monkeys guarded the Hall of Illusions and befriended the Divine Child of Rejuvenation.

Memory Guardian Ape.png

Memory: Guardian Ape

The Guardian Ape was defeated, though its roar can still be heard. It is said that an infested body marks the undying...

Memory Headless Ape.png

Memory: Headless Ape

The Headless Guardian Ape was a colossal beast, plagued with the power of the undying.

Memory Corrupted Monk.png

Memory: Corrupted Monk

The Corrupted Monk watched over the cave entrance, deep in Mibu Village.

Memory True Monk.png

Memory: True Monk

The Corrupted Monk guarded the bridge leading to the fountainhead palace.

Memory Great Shinobi.png

Memory: Great Shinobi

The Great Shinobi Owl was foster father to the Wolf.

Memory Divine Dragon.png

Memory: Divine Dragon

The Divine Dragon, ancient deity of the Everblossom.

Memory Foster Father.png

Memory: Foster Father

The foster father confronted in old memories was a man in his prime.

Memory Hatred Demon.png

Memory: Hatred Demon

The one-armed demon prowled the battlefield, consumed by flames of deepest resentment.

Memory Isshin Ashina.png

Memory: Isshin Ashina

Isshin Ashina was a true master of the sword; no less so in his vale of years.

Memory Saint Isshin.png

Memory: Saint Isshin

At his peak, Isshin Ashina devoted himself to deadly conflict in pursuit of strength. A single-minded killing machine of a man.

Memory Inner Genichiro.png

Memory: Inner Genichiro

Deep within the mind, Genichiro stirred, his tenacity undying even in memory. Ashina demands one become stronger still.

Memory Inner Father.png

Memory: Inner Father

Deep within the mind, the father stirred. The man Wolf confronted in memory was more than Owl could ever have hoped to be.

Memory Inner Isshin.png

Memory: Inner Isshin

Deep within the mind, Isshin stirred. Even in memory, his cloudless thoughts spurred a relentless pursuit of strength.