Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
These lumps of fatty wax form inside the body in rare circumstances.

Can be used for intermediate and higher Occultic upgrades for Prosthetic Tools.
Considered omens of disease, they are known to grow larger as the illness worsens. It's best not no let one grow any larger after it turns brown.

Lump of Fat Wax.png

Material used for Prosthetic Tool upgrades:

Abandoned Dungeon
  • Given by Doujun after Wolf sends him a strong man as part of his request.
  • Awarded for defeating Kotaro along with a special Red Lump if he was sent to Doujun.
Senpou Temple
Ashina Depths
  • Behind a house in the beginning of Mibu Village, to the right.
  • After the clearing with O'Rin of the Water, on the right.