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Long-arm Centipede Sen'un (長手の百足 仙雲) is an optional Mini-Boss with two Deathblow Counters.

He's located in an abandoned temple on Mt. Kongo.

As the Sixth Prayer Necklace states, among Centipedes their leaders are called "long-arm" due to their claws.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grip: He will extend his arms and swipe near the ground. Can be countered by jumping.
  • Burn Attack.pngFiery Sweep: throws three flaming knives in a sweeping arc.
  • Flurry: it will unleash a flurry of four swipes, slow down for a moment and then continue with another set of five swipes, before charging a stronger attack to finish the combo. If the final hit is deflected, he'll dash back, preparing to launch his Perilous Grip.
  • Quick Slash: a shorter variant of his other combo, he'll now only throw three swipes in rapid succession and immediately follow it up with the Perilous Grip.

Before engaging the Mini-Boss himself, it's best to get rid of all the minions to avoid having to deal with their Burn-inflicting attacks: shurikens can get rid of them quickly, but they can also be instantly killed by performing a plunging deathbow on them. Firecrackers are recommended to prevent the boss from attacking, while some Lesser Centipedes are still left to kill.

The fight is identical to that of the other Long-arm Centipede, as such performing consecutive deflections on the first four attacks of his Flurry combo, then on the latter five and ending with a deflection against his last hit, before Jump-kicking his Perilous Grip will make short work of this Mini-Boss.

It's best to jump-kick backward, since he may start executing his Quick Slash combo while Wolf is still vulnerable in mid-air.

The Centipede will deflect most attacks thrown at him, so focusing on filling up his Posture bar is more important than attempting to deplete his Vitality.

If Wolf tries to hide on the rafters, the Centipede will use his Fiery Sweep attack.

Gokan's Sugar is recommended to not risk getting Posture broken mid-combo.

Like against the Corrupted Monk, the stagger of Shinobi Firecracker and Fistful of Ash doesn't have any cooldown on this Mini-Boss. The Mist Raven can be used to get behind him, to find a safe opportunity to use other Prosthetic Tools like the Flame Vent and the Sabimaru.


+428 Skill Experience
Yellow Gunpowder.png
Yellow Gunpowder x2
Prayer Bead.png
Prayer Bead
Heavy Coin Purse.png
Heavy Coin Purse x2
(subsequent playthroughs)


  • Depending on the order some Bosses are fought, Vengeful Apparitions may appear inside the temple, once this Mini-Boss is defeated.