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Lone Shadows are an elite group of 17 members agents from the Interior Ministry. Some of them wear purple cloaks. They are enemies of Ashina and counts among one of the most dangerous foe Sekiro will face in the game.


Lone Shadow, or to a wider extension, the Interior Ministry's shinobis can be encountered as early as the first Hirata Estate memory, one of them guarding the pagoda where Mist Raven's Feathers is kept. A Lone Shadow mini-boss, the Longswordsman, can be encountered as soon as Sekiro gets access to the Ashina Reservoir, waiting in the well where Wolf previously sit his life down to waste. These early encounter however, are solitary and often takes place in place and situations where players can take them on one-on-one undisturbed.

After Ashina Castle was infiltrated however, these shinobis become a common hazard around the castle, often patrolling secured areas in groups, accompanied by their shinobi hounds, or hiding in vicinity of Ashina's local defenders. They are hostile towards the resident Ashina warriors and the Nightjars, and they have little problem taking them down on their own.

They are also found during the second Hirata Estate memory, mostly found at the rooftops of burned building in the main complex, and one of them chattering with Juzou the Drunkard, revealing an important information players can eavesdrop.

During the siege of Ashina castle, only few active ministry shinobi remains in the area as the assault is spear-headed by the Red Guard.

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  • The purple-and-black-striped coat which each of the Lone Shadows wears is a type of travelling cape called a dōchū-gappa (道中合羽).

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