Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
A purse filled with a small amount of sen. It can be used to acquire the sen inside. Has a somewhat satisfying weight to it. The sen in the purse is not lost upon death.
Light Coin Purse.png
Light Coin Purse.gif

Using this item allows for storing Sen.png 100 that are not lost on death, making them a good method of storing Sen until they're needed.

Can be sold to merchants for Sen.png 100.

Up to 99 can be carried.

Ashina Outskirts
Ashina Castle
  • Grapple to the left right after the Blazing Bull, then enter the building on the left.
  • Below the Old Grave Sculptor's Idol, by a tree.
Abandoned Dungeon
  • On the first small island in the Underground Waterway.
  • Three the bottom of the water, in the Underground Waterway, next to a large cage. Requires Mibu Breathing Technique to reach.
Senpou Temple
  • On the roof of the gatehouse where the Monks patrol in towards the first building in the area.
  • By a large tree, to the right from the path where the Monks patrol.
  • In the courtyard of Temple Grounds.
Sunken Valley
Ashina Depths
  • On the way up to the ledge above the Buddha statue in Hidden Forest.
  • In the area after the Dying Monk, by a group of phantom Bandits in the Hidden Forest.
  • In the beginning of Mibu Village, follow the path behind the Dog, past a pack of Dogs to a dead end.
  • On a rooftop next to the Mibu Village Head Priest's house.
  • Two at the bottom of the Mibu Village lake.
Fountainhead Palace
  • By the first building, next to the waterfall in a bird's nest.
  • By the roots of the Great Sakura.
Hirata Estate
  • On the island with Pot Noble Harunaga.
  • In a house in the upper residential area, near the shrine that holds the Shinobi Axe of the Monkey.
  • In the house right next to Juzou the Drunkard.
  • Behind the secret door in Hirata Estate Main Hall.
  • (Father's Bell) Inside the building to the left of Juzou the Drunkard.