Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki


One is found right before the Bell Demon's Temple, crawling on a wall.

Six are in the temple on Mt. Kongo with Long-arm Centipede Sen'un.

Eight in the cavern next to the Main Hall of Senpou Temple.

Three guards a Prayer Bead in the cave underneath the Gun Fort.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Burn Attack.pngFiery Evasive Maneuvers: slowly walks backwards, throwing six flaming knives in sweeping arcs of three
  • Swipe: performs one sweep with its right hand
  • Burn Attack.pngFiery Sweep: throws three flaming knives in a sweeping arc.
  • Burn Attack.pngLinear Fire Toss: Throws three flaming knives in a straight line
  • Evasive Maneuvers: leaps backwards
  • Rapid Double Swipe: slash with his right claw twice in quick succession.


While not threatening alone, especially since it's possible to perform a lunging Deathblow by jumping on them like against Lizards, they are mostly found in groups inside cramped rooms.

Since they use almost exclusively Burn-inflicting attacks, it's best to come prepared with Dousing Powder, Ministry Dousing Powder or the Withered Red Gourd.


+46 Skill Experience Sen.png 12