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Leader Shigenori Yamauchi (組頭 山内重則) is a Mini-Boss located in the Ashina Reservoir during the prologue.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Overhead Swing: a single overhead swing. Since this attack has a greater amount of recovery frames, it's a safe attack to retaliate after. Can also be avoided by dashing to the left.
  • Overhead Swing Combo: a faster Overhead Swing that, if not deflected, is followed by another vertical slash and, if not parried, by a regular Overhead Swing.
  • Two-swing Slash: consecutive swings side by side. A faster variant is used after deflecting an attack.

It's advisable to use the Homeward Idol after speaking to Kuro to have full Vitality while facing this miniboss.

It's possible to perform a stealth deathblow on this miniboss by running past him and waiting underneath the bridge for him to lose aggro.

Unlike during the rest of the game, the other Ashina Soldiers won't engage Wolf while he's fighting this samurai.

If attacked before he can start peforming a Slash attack, he'll throw a single Swing Slash.

Due to the long wind-up of his Slash move, there's enough time to land two hits and then deflect the incoming attack. Note that he can't be staggered while executing this attack.

While he rarely deflects regular katana swings, he'll often deflect charged attacks and will follow up any deflection with one faster Swing Slash.


+0 Skill Experience Sen.png 0
Pellet x1    
Eavesdropping Icon.png Eavesdropping



  • Killing this miniboss will trigger a hidden checkpoint that will return Wolf to a spot near where Yamauchi was found, if the player dies or use the Homeward Idol before entering the secret passage below the bridge. This can be exploited to replenish both the Healing Gourd and Wolf's Vitality before fighting Genichiro.
  • The Yamauchi clan (山内) appears to be notorious in Ashina, as all the members met in the game hold important positions in the army, such as that of samurai, general and even one of the seven Ashina spears.