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Descendant of an ancient bloodline, and the one who the Wolf must protect. He was adopted and raised by the Hirata Clan, a branching house of the Ashina Clan.


Unlike children of his age, he's quiet and generous, has a strong heart, and naturally gives off an impression of dignity.


The Divine Heir, otherwise known as Kuro is encountered firstly in the game’s tutorial area.

He gifts the wolf his sword Kusabimaru and the Healing Gourd. He orders the Wolf to find an escape route from the Ashina grounds. However, Genichiro Ashina is able to take Kuro away from Wolf in the Silvergrass Field, regardless of the battle outcome between the two.

Kuro then later be found atop the Ashina Castle, being persuaded to take Genichiro into his immortal oath. After defeating Genichiro, he can be found in Upper Tower - Kuro's Room, proposing immortality severance to Wolf.

Returning to Kuro after collecting the Divine Dragon's Tears, Wolf realizes that he has been taken away by Genichiro to the Silvergrass Field once again. Defeating him and the fate of Kuro will be decided, depends on the items Wolf choose to give him afterwards.


Gives directions to obtain the necessary items for reaching the Fountainhead Palace.

Gives Sweet Rice Balls after being gifted Rice for Kuro given by the Divine Child of Rejuvenation, once cured of her sickness with a Persimmon or Taro Persimmon. Alternatively, he gives one if the Divine Dragon has yet been confronted and Wolf returns from the Fountainhead Palace.

First Encounter
(Moon-View Tower)
Kuro: You did well to come here. It's been too long, Wolf.

Wolf: I've come to free you, my lord.
Kuro: Well then-- Raise your head. Kusabimaru -- your sword. My shinobi. In accordance with the bond of lord and retainer you will pledge your life in my service.
Wolf: As you command.

Talking Kuro: Loyal Wolf... I see you are wounded. ... I have something that may help. It is a special gourd medicinal waters. Use it to heal your wounds.

Wolf: My Lord...
Kuro: Now then... Were you gravely injured... afterward?
Wolf: After what?
Kuro: ... Do you not remember that night?
Wolf: I do not.
Kuro: Hmm... No, we'll talk about it later. Right now, we must escape Ashina Castle.
Wolf: As you say.
Kuro: There's a secret passage beneath the moat bridge that will take us out of the castle. Lord Isshin told me about it once. I ask you to find that secret passage. Once you find it, hmm... Signal me with a reed whistle. You know, like you used to, long ago. I will join you as soon as I hear it.

Attempting to Leave Before Talking Kuro: Wolf. I do have one more thing to give you. Take it.
Talking Kuro: Loyal Wolf. I have one more thing to give you. It's a gourd of medicinal waters. Should you be injured, it will restore you. (Gives Healing Gourd)

Wolf: My Lord.
Kuro: Now then... Were you gravely injured... afterward?
Wolf: After what?
Kuro: ... Do you not remember that night?
Wolf: I do not.
Kuro: Hmm... No, we'll talk about it later. Right now, we must escape Ashina Castle.
Wolf: As you say.
Kuro: There's a secret passage beneath the moat bridge that will take us out of the castle. Lord Isshin told me about it once. I ask you to find that secret passage. Once you find it, hmm... Signal me with a reed whistle. You know, like you used to, long ago. I will join you as soon as I hear it.

  • Talking Again

There's a secret passage beneath the moat bridge that can take us out of the castle. Find the secret passage beneath the moat bridge so that we may escape Ashina Castle. When you've reached it, give the signal. I'll come as soon as I hear the reed whistle.

Attemping To Leave Without Using Healing Gourd Kuro: Wolf. Do not push yourself too far. You must heal your wounds.
Talking at the Secret Passage Kuro: Where shall we go once we're away from the castle? I suppose the first thing we should do is cross the Ashina border... Or perhaps we should hide somewhere... What do you think?

Wolf: Whatever you desire.
Kuro: Whatever I desire? That's the Wolf I know...
Wolf: My Lord?
Kuro: ... Oh, nothing. I was just reminiscing... Onward, then.

  • Talking again

Kuro: Let us press onward. Once we leave this passage, we'll be outside the castle walls.

Genichiro Cutscene Genichiro Ashina: The Divine Heir... Last we stood together was your uncle's funeral.

Kuro: Lord Genichiro... I- Thank you.
Wolf: Leave this to me..
Genichiro Ashina: So the noble shinobi stands in our way...

Genichiro, Second Encounter Cutscene Genichiro: How is grandfather?

Emma: Lord Isshin is... it's a wonder he is still with us. A miracle.
Genichiro: that so. Divine Heir, I'll ask you once more. Accept me into your immortal oath.
Kuro: I cannot do that, Lord Genichiro. Your victory that day means nothing. He will risk his life to take me home. For he is my shinobi.
Wolf: My Lord, I have come for you. This... will only take a moment.
Genichiro: I see. For as long as you are alive... The dragon's blood can never be mine.

After Defeating Genichiro Wolf: We must leave Ashina.

Kuro: ... Wolf. My blood... the blood of the dragon causes men to become undying. The same goes for you.
Wolf: ... Yes, my lord.
Kuro: I wished to save you. I'm sure that I would do the same thing given another chance. However... Undying begets stagnation. The Immortal Oath, the Rejuvenating Waters, the Dragonrot. They all corrupt men to the point that they no longer live as men. I wish to sever the chains of stagnation bred by the Dragon's Heritage. Wolf, will you help me achieve this aim?

Agreeing to Help Wolf: (Father... I cannot break the Iron Code.)
Obeying the Iron Code Wolf: I cannot. To protect you, the Divine Heir... That was the duty my father entrusted to me.

Kuro: How many times have you died and come back to life for my sake...? Two? Three times...? Or perhaps a number so large that it cannot be counted?
Wolf: As it was for the purpose of defending my Lord, the number does not matter.
Kuro: I do not wish to bind you... to an eternity of undeath. Wolf... Join me in my quest to sever the ties of immortality.
Wolf: ... As you wish.
Kuro: Thank you, Loyal Wolf.

Talking Kuro: If we are seeking to sever the immortal ties, I know a good place to start. Wolf, look at this. (Gives Immortal Severance Text) It's an ancient record that was kept in Ashina Castle.

Wolf: Sacred Dragon Tears... from the divine realm...
Kuro: Yes. It is my belief that with the Dragon Tears... It may be possible to sever the Dragon's Heritage.
Wolf: But... The divine realm? How do we...
Kuro: I know... Wolf. That incense burner over there. It belonged to a... person of interest. Take a look.

Inspecting Incense Burner Wolf: Is there something special about it...?

Kuro: I'm told that long ago... There was another Divine Heir living here in Ashina Castle. His name was Lord Takeru... This incense burner belonged to him.
Wolf: Where is he now...?
Kuro: He died a long time ago, apparently. "Wrapped in the aroma of the fountainhead, I return to the divine realm." Those are supposedly the words he left behind.
Wolf: You’re saying that the scent of the fountainhead... Is the key to reaching the divine realm.
Kuro: That is my belief. Wolf, let us discover the truth together.

After Inspecting Incense Burner Kuro: Now, as to how we begin our search... I am certain some of Lord Takeru's books remain in this castle. Books that he collected in order to find the divine realm. I will search for them.

Wolf: In addition to finding a way to reach the divine realm... Might we also look into how we might sever the immortal ties?
Kuro: A fine suggestion. Talk to Isshin. If anyone knows the answer, it is him. Wolf, come with me.

Kuro: Lord Isshin is not within this castle citadel. I'm told he is recuperating in one of these watchtowers. However, the path to his watchtower is closed. His health is a little...
Wolf: How do I get in?
Kuro: On the roof, there's a path patrolled by the Nightjar ninja. It's intended for shinobi, but I imagine that won't be a problem for you. I've heard the Nightjar use smoke signals as landmarks.
Wolf: Yes.
Kuro: So If you follow their smoke signals, you should be able to reach Lord Isshin. And you can use this window to reach the roof.

  • Talking Again

Kuro: Find Lord Isshin... and ask if he knows how we might sever the ties of immortality. He's recuperating in one of the watchtowers outside this castle keep. Reach the roof from that open window, then follow the Nightjar smoke signals. I entrust this task to you.

After Talking to Isshin Kuro: (cough) Hmm... This dust is awful.

Wolf: I have returned.
Kuro: Oh, Wolf. You're back? Did you meet with Lord Isshin?
Wolf: I did. He said, "The Mortal Blade... it could be the key to severing immortality."
Kuro: The Mortal Blade...
Wolf: It's a sword that has the power to kill the undying. It can be found at Senpou Temple.
Kuro: I see... Yes, that seems promising.
Wolf: As you say.
Kuro: For my part... I hunted for any books that may contain clues about the aroma of the fountainhead. It seems Lord Takeru indeed sought a way to reach the divine realm. So far I've found one piece of relevant information.
Wolf: What is it?
Kuro: A flower.

Asking About the Flower Wolf: A flower?

Kuro: First, read this. (Gives Fragrant Flower Note)
Wolf: What is...
Kuro: Lord Takeru left it behind. I was looking for information on the fountainhead aroma, and how it relates to the divine realm. There is water that flows from the fountainhead through Ashina... And the book speaks of a white lotus flower that grows where that water pools deeply. It appears to be one component of the fountainhead aroma. A place where the fountainhead waters pool deeply...
Wolf: Perhaps in a deep valley?
Kuro: Yes.. Indeed, the sunken valley may be the place. The fountainhead waters should flow into there.
Wolf: Where is this sunken valley?
Kuro: It's beyond the woods to the rear of the castle. There's a shrine dedicated to the White Serpent deep in the woods. As the name implies, the sunken valley is just below that place. There's no proper path down there, but a man of your talent could navigate it.

Asking About the Stone Missing information.
Giving Fragrant Flower Note Wolf: My Lord, this is for you.

Kuro: This is...
Wolf: A document written by one who sought the fountainhead aroma. Kuro: I see. It says there's a "fragrant stone" in some sacred village... But I've never heard of such a village.
Wolf: It is beneath Ashina.
Kuro: ... Now that you mention it... about the well near the Moon-view Tower... I've read it may have some connection with a bottomless hole. This may be worth investigating.
Wolf: I will take a look.
Kuro: Good. The text did say to "throw oneself"... I wonder what that could mean...

Asking About Bottomless Hole Wolf: A place to throw oneself... I've seen a place where that might be possible...

Kuro: You have...?
Wolf: There is a great, seemingly bottomless hole in the abandoned dungeon outside Ashina castle. An old woman there... She told me to throw myself in.
Kuro: ... Hmm. This hole -- you believe it's connected to somewhere?
Wolf: Yes. I felt a faint wind blowing in from the direction of the torii gate. I think I will try jumping into it.
Kuro: ... It's worth a try. But do be careful.

Asking About the Bell Charm Missing information.
Giving Bell Charm Wolf: My Lord, please take a look at this.

Kuro: That bell... I've seen it before. It reminds me of Hirata... and of that night...
Wolf: .........
Wolf: Forgive me, Wolf. You brought it all this way to me... but I don't have need for it anymore. I've heard there's a run-down temple on the outskirts of Ashina where one can offer items with a significant past to Buddha... Lady Emma also frequents that temple. Wolf, would you take that bell and make an offering of it there?
Wolf: Yes. I will make the offering.

Giving Lotus of the Palace Wolf: .........

Kuro: Hmm? What is it, Wolf? That's... the white lotus flower...! Was it in the Sunken Valley?
Wolf: Yes, deep within the Sunken Valley.
Kuro: I see, so that valley is indeed where the Fountainhead waters pool deeply. I didn't expect you to find it so quickly. Well done, Wolf.

Leaving Kuro: Oh, that's right... That door marked with the outline of a person... Lord Isshin once called it a "shinobi shortcut." I haven't a clue how it works... But seeing as he mentioned "shinobi" I thought you might know.
Missing information. Kuro: I see you've gathered some of the ingredients needed to create the aroma of the fountainhead. Keep up the good work, Wolf.
Missing information. Kuro: Ahh, I meant to ask. Did you notice the lingering scent in the incense burner?
Answering No Wolf: I did not.

Kuro: I see. Then I suggest you do so at some point. It is faint, yet... It makes you feel as though there is still some of the aroma left.

Answering Yes Wolf: My Lord, the incense burner...

Kuro: You smelled it? What did you think?
Wolf: I did. The smell... was reminiscent of sawdust.. But also, it smelled faintly of sakura flowers...
Kuro: Oh? So you smelled it too? I felt the scent was much like sakura flowers, but slightly different... Hmm...
Wolf: .........
Kuro: What is it, Wolf?
Wolf: That scent... it reminds me of something.
Kuro: You've smelled it before?
Wolf: I believe so... but I can't remember where.
Kuro: Now that you mention it... Lady Emma said that once long ago there was a sakura tree to the rear of the castle. Perhaps that is relevant to our search?

Asking About Sakura Tree Kuro: The scent in the incense burner reminded me of a sakura tree. Yet it wasn't a regular sakura flower. Lady Emma might know something about the sakura tree that was once in the back of the castle.
After Talking to Emma Wolf: I asked Lady Emma about the sakura tree.

Kuro: You did? What did she say?
Wolf: The tree is called an "Everblossom." Lord Takeru brought it here from the divine realm-- But it has withered away and no longer remains.
Kuro: I see...
Wolf: However... It is said that someone plucked a branch from the Everblossom and stole off with it.
Kuro: Hmm... Who would do such a thing?
Wolf: .........
Kuro: ... What's lost is lost. Finding a stolen tree branch? We have no information to go on. Let us gather what we can for the aroma first.
Wolf: As you wish.

Giving Shelter Stone Wolf: My Lord, I have procured the ingredients for the aroma.

Kuro: Oh, so that is... the stone for the Fountainhead Incense? What a peculiar shape it is.
Wolf: The stone looks to be an object of worship.
Kuro: Oh...? It was worshipped? Interesting custom.
Wolf: Yes. There was also an inscription-- "A sweetly scented bridal offering." ...written on the altar.
Kuro: Bridal...? Hmm. What sort of place was this?
Wolf: It was in a cave, beyond a door made of solid rock.
Kuro: Hmm... In that case, where was the wedding procession headed? No way to know, I guess...
Wolf: Sweetly scented...
Kuro: Hmm?
Wolf: Lord Kuro... That place might be the gateway to the divine realm.
Kuro: ......... I see. Sweetly scented... meaning wrapped in the Fountainhead Incense... That is what it might be referring to. Yes, it had been made into some sort of shrine. So it was just as Lord Takeru wrote. Yes, the book described it perfectly... Oh, and actually... I've found something. I discovered there's another scent we must acquire.
Wolf: What is it?
Kuro: The blood of the Divine Heir of the Dragon's Heritage... In other words, my blood.
Wolf: Your blood... But my lord... you cannot bleed.
Kuro: Yes, it is true that those of the Dragon's Heritage cannot bleed. However, in Lord Genichiro's quarters, I found a curious journal belonging to Lord Takeru's page. And it appears there is a way for me to bleed. For now, I'd like to ask you to keep this for me. (Gives Page's Diary) Now then... We just need to figure out how to make me bleed...
Wolf: Perhaps we should ask Lady Emma?
Kuro: Hmm... As a doctor she should have much knowledge of the human body... Yes, she may be able to help us.

  • Talking Again

Wolf: To think my blood is an ingredient of the aroma... Perhaps Lady Emma will know of a way to make me bleed. Might you ask her?

After Talking to Emma Kuro: Wolf, did you speak with Lady Emma?

Wolf: ......... I did.
Kuro: And? What did she say?
Wolf: That it could be possible with the Mortal Blade.
Kuro: ... I see. So the Mortal Blade will allow my blood to flow.
Wolf: ... As you wish.
Kuro: I've heard the Mortal Blade is in Senpou Temple. Will you obtain it for me?
Wolf: ... As you wish.

Presenting Sakura Droplet Wolf: My Lord, this is for you...

Kuro: Could this be...?
Wolf: It's a sakura droplet.
Kuro: That's... When the Undying Pledge of the Dragon's Heritage is broken... It's said that this remains in place of the oath. Do you think this one was left behind by Lord Takeru?
Wolf: ... That seems likely.
Kuro: Wolf, if you so desire... I can use this sakura droplet to assist you.

Refusing Sakura Droplet Wolf: My lord's oath is all I need.

Kuro: I understand. But don't refuse it to spare my feelings. If you feel it is necessary, do not hesitate to ask.

Accepting Sakura Droplet Wolf: If you should be so kind...

Kuro: Of course. Close your eyes.
Wolf: My Lord...
Kuro : Lord Takeru's dragon blood... Lives on with you.
Wolf: I humbly accept.
Kuro: Yes. ......... You may open your eyes now.
Wolf: My Lord...
Kuro: That was a boon granted by Lord Takeru. Use it well.
Wolf: Yes.

Before Obtaining the Mortal Blade Kuro: We're almost there. ......... Yes... Do... What must be done. .........

Wolf: (...My lord. What...must be done...?)

After Defeating Owl Kuro: ... He's... so strong... I wish... I was...
After Defeating Genichiro Kuro: When did you... lose your path... Lord Genichiro...

Owl Cutscene Kuro: I remember you well. I heard stories of your death, yet here you are. What are you plotting, Owl?

Owl: Plotting? I would do no such thing. Now, my lord. I must ask that you accompany me. This old bird has but one desire. To protect the Divine Heir from those who might take his esteemed blood.
Kuro: So, the Dragon's Heritage has seduced you, too? Then there is nothing to discuss. Take your leave.
Owl: I would, my lord, but... I'm so stunned by this view, I'd like to take it in just a while longer. I'll leave when I've had my fill.

After Defeating Owl Kuro: Wolf... I am relieved to see that you are safe. And Owl...?

Wolf: I killed him.
Kuro: (Gasp) ......... I am sorry.
Wolf: Lord Kuro.
Kuro: I am sorry...
Wolf: I did what had to be done.
Kuro: Wolf... Thank you...
Wolf: My father... This was in his possession.
Kuro: This branch... it's from the Everblossom tree...?! I see... So Owl had it...
Wolf: Yes...
Kuro: So we can now complete the Fountainhead Incense. Yes... Yes... Our goal is within reach, Wolf. We are a step closer to the Fountainhead Incense. Yes... Yes... That's right, Wolf...

Obtaining the Mortal Blade Kuro: Wolf, that sword on your back, is it...

Wolf: It is the Mortal Blade.
Kuro: The sword that can kill those who cannot die...
Wolf: Yes. It was given to me by the Divine Child of the Rejuvenating Waters at Senpou Temple.
Kuro: The Divine Child of the Rejuvenating Waters?
Wolf: The monks at Senpou Temple abandoned the ways of their faith in pursuit of immortality. The result is those who have false Dragon's Heritage... Known as the Divine Children of the Rejuvenating Waters.
Kuro: A false Dragon's Heritage... I never would have thought... Wait-- Divine... Children?
Wolf: Yes. Many were created, but only one survived.
Kuro: Further proof of the corruption this power brings to man... The ties of immortality must be severed.
Wolf: Yes, my lord.
Kuro: With the Mortal Blade in hand, I can now be made to bleed. We are one step closer to creating the Fountainhead Incense. The ties of immortality must be severed.
Wolf: Yes, my lord.

  • Talking Again

Kuro: Wolf... We've finally done it. Once we make the Fountainhead Incense, you can infuse your clothes with the aroma. Now, place all of the ingredients in the incense burner.
Wolf: As you wish.

After Burning the Incense Wolf: My Lord...

Kuro: Wolf, the Mortal Blade...
Wolf: .........
Kuro: ... Fear not. I will only make a shallow cut. Would you draw the Mortal Blade from its sheath?
Wolf: ... Yes, my lord.
Kuro: ... Forgive me, but... Close your eyes.
Wolf: ...... Yes, my lord...
Kuro: (gasp) ... It's over now, Wolf.
Wolf: is the wound?
Kuro: I'm fine. I just made a small cut on my chest.
Wolf: .........
Kuro: So this... is the Fountainhead Incense. It's so... extraordinarily nostalgic...
Wolf: I see...
Kuro: Well? Do you notice anything different...?
Wolf: The aroma... and... Fountainhead Palace... Those words have been burned into my mind.
Kuro: Fountainhead Palace... It is just as Lord Takeru wrote... That place must lead to the divine realm. But how can the Fountainhead Palace be reached...
Wolf: "A sweetly scented bridal offering." That was written on the altar where the fragrant stone was placed.
Kuro: Yes. You now carry the aroma of the Fountainhead Incense. I believe the path leading to the Fountainhead Palace will open before you if you go to the shrine within the cave. Immortality shall soon be severed... I'm counting on you, Wolf...
Wolf: ... As you wish.

  • Talking Again

Kuro: Wolf, I need you to bring Dragon Tears from the divine realm...
Wolf: Yes...
Kuro: You must first go to the depths of the cave where you found the fragrant stone. You now carry the scent of the Fountainhead Incense. I believe the path leading to the Fountainhead Palace will open before you if you enter the shrine within the cave. Wolf: As you wish.

Leaving (Generic) Kuro: You're leaving. Wolf, I'm counting on you.

Kuro: My Lord.

Giving Rice for Kuro Kuro: Wolf, you're back.

Wolf: I am. I have something for you, Lord Kuro.
Kuro: Something for me?
Wolf: Here.
Kuro: This... It's rice...?
Wolf: Yes, the Divine Child of Senpou Temple told me to give this to you.
Kuro: She did? Then I am grateful. This looks like good rice... each grain glistens. It is sweet when you bite into it.
Wolf: Bite...?
Kuro: Wolf... Rice tastes a lot better when cooked.
Wolf: My Lord.
Kuro: Hmm... So do you like sweet things?
Wolf: I will eat anything.
Kuro: Which means you don't dislike sweets, then. Right, I'll make something nice for you.
Wolf: Something... nice?
Kuro: You'll have to wait and see.

Receiving Sweet Rice Balls Kuro: Sorry to keep you waiting, Wolf. Come now, hold out your hand!

Wolf: My Lord. What is...? (Gives Sweet Rice Balls)
Kuro: Sweet sticky-rice balls. I made them with the rice from the Divine Child. Eat it, don't be shy.

Kuro: How was the rice ball?
Wolf: It was delicious.
Kuro: I bet it was. Ever since I was little, I've enjoyed making sweets. I used to always sneak into the kitchen back at the Hirata estate. Maybe one day... I'll open up a tea house if I ever have the time.

Talking After Reaching Fountainhead Palace Wolf: My Lord...

Kuro: You've done well to return to me, Wolf... Did you reach the Fountainhead Palace?
Wolf: I did.
Kuro: Good. I was worried.
Wolf: Dragon Tears... I will obtain them and return.
Kuro: Yes, I'm counting on you... Wolf.