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Isshin Ashina The Tengu of Ashina Isshin Ashina (Shura) Isshin, the Sword Saint

Part 1

Emma, the Gentle Blade (柔剣エマ), will challenge Wolf to a fight in order to protect Kuro, should the shinobi choose to obey the Iron Code at the request of Owl.

  • Ashina Cross: sheathes her sword and channels briefly, then performs a quick cross-slash. To close distance, she dashes forward, then slashes after. Can be interrupted with an attack.
  • Upward Slice: dashes and slashes upwards. She anticipates the target with this move whenever he uses an item while in close proximity.
  • Falling Petals: steps back to execute a four-slash combo in tandem with her sheath. Deflecting the last strike will wrestle her out of balance and vice versa, fail to deflect and Wolf will be toppled over.
  • Swift Retreat: steps back and slashes twice. She always follows up with Ashina Cross right after.
  • Swipe: swings her sword in an arc up to three times.
  • Iaijutsu: a quick drawn strike with short closing distance and connects with one of the following:
    • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: readies in a low stance and thrusts forwards.
    • Swift Retreat and Ashina Cross
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep: swings her sword in a low arc in front of herself at the foot of her target. She may use this move after
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: thrusts a long distance forward with her sword very quickly.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: gets in a stance then attempts to grab hold of the target's hand, that, if connects, throws the target above her head to the ground then slashes at him. Wolf may roll away before she unsheathes to negate further damage.

Mikiri Counter her Perilous Thrust or jump onto her while she's performing her Perilous Sweep to deal a large amount of Posture damage to her. She has fairly low posture but attacks swiftly. She uses her Perilous Grab often, which can be avoided by running away and then counter-attacking. Wear down her vitality by circling around her and dodging as she attacks, hitting her once or twice each time. Many of her attacks have short windup, making her learning curve steep. Striking twice before preparing to block or parry can often lead to a long chain of her blocking your attacks, followed by parrying her strikes, and then repeating, that can fill her posture bar halfway even when she is undamaged. If Wolf plays aggressively, allows for little time to regain her posture and near-perfectly parries all her undodgeable strikes, it is possible to break her posture around the time she reaches half HP.

If there is a long distance between Wolf and Emma, she may change her walking style very slightly, moving slightly quicker. When this happens, she will not perform her usual heal punish moves, allowing Wolf a chance to heal or use items. While not perfectly, many of the general patterns of battle with Emma reflect those of Isshin, such as the back and forth block trading leading to easily building the posture bar, power walking preventing them from using heal punishing attacks, or their tendency to strike quickly but only two or three times with each combo instead of the long combos of other major bosses, so she can be considered a form of warm up for the fight against Isshin.

Emma Approaches Owl: It seems we have a... troubling guest.

But to oppose the daughter of the late Lord Dougen would be quite the insult. A disgrace!
(Owl throws shuriken, and Emma deflects them)
My, my... Not bad at all. Wolf, I leave this to you. Have at it. Tear her apart.
Wolf: Sir.
Emma: I have witnessed Shura once before. The very same stirs inside of you. As such, you must be destroyed.

Killing Wolf Emma: Perhaps I should have killed you sooner.
Halfway Through The Fight Emma: Not... yet... I cannot allow... a Shura to roam free...
During Deathblow Emma: Shu-... ra...

Part 2

Once Emma falls, Isshin Ashina (葦名一心) steps in to take her place.

Phase 1

  • Foresight: spins his body to the right and dodges an incoming attack completely while counter-slashing.
    • He may immediately begin a Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: instead.
  • Slice Combo: performs a vertical, then a horizontal slice in quick succession.
  • Ashina Cross: sheathes his katana to the left and channels for an estimated time of 2.8 seconds, then unleashes the art. Can be dodged completely to the side. Deals chip damage if not deflected.
  • He may perform a similar sheathing movement except it follows into a fast slash followed by a Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep:
    • Testing is required to see if these are two entirely separate moves, or if he cancels Ashina Cross into the Perilous Sweep combo depending on player proximity.
  • Three-hit Combo: Three consecutive slices.
    • He may perform a similar variant, where the final hit is replaced with Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep:
  • Cloud Walk: bows his head then instantly dashes a long distance forward, slashing once upon arrival.
  • Iaijutsu: a quick drawn strike with short closing distance. He may readies for Ichimonji. This move is used to punish Wolf if an item is used without making enough distance beforehand
  • Quickstep: A quick dash used to keep up with Wolf. Mostly used if Wolf jumps away. Does not automatically follow up with a move, but he may do so at random, or follow with another dash if Wolf leaps away again.
  • Ichimonji - Double: prepares for an overhead strike and he will strike once more if the first is not blocked. If the strike is dodged instead of blocked, he will perform a short dash and horizontal strike.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: gets in a stance then attempts to grab hold of the target's hand, that, if connects, throws the target above his head to the ground.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: Steps forward aggressively dealing minor blockable damage and lifting his blade up behind him, then follows with a quick thrust from his katana.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: Takes a step sideways before thrusting.

Phase 2

  • Burn Attack.pngChasing Flame: sheathes his katana to the right then cuts the air surrounding, rousing the dormant flame, causing them to surge briefly after. Utilizing this chaotic moment, he steps forth and unleash One Mind.
  • One Mind: charges forward then slashes once, sheathes his katana then executes 5 nigh-invisible swift slashes and a final following up slash. The final slash deals chip damage if not deflected. This is only performed after Burn Attack.pngChasing Flame:
  • Burn Attack.pngFlame River: stomps on the floor then scrapes his katana, sweeping along a torrent of flames that travel across the floor.
  • Burn Attack.pngIchimonji - Kasai: an overhead strike followed by a fan of flame.
  • Burn Attack.pngDancing Flame: after an upwards slash, he swings his sword to the left, creating a large fan of flames. He can be jumped over during this move.

Isshin Ashina studied many forms of combat, and Wolf must employ various tactics to match his ability.

In Phase 1, he will always begin by closing the distance with Cloud Walk. Ichimonji has a long windup and can easily be dodged to the side, opening Isshin up for a counter attack. His Slice Combo is swift and should be avoided, though attacking is possible when it finishes. It is difficult to damage him during most of his standard attack combos, however striking him will still reduce posture so try to avoid attacking more than once or twice. The best times to deal health damage are during his long windups for Vertical Slice, after dodging Iaijutsu, or after a successful parry from his Foresight counter hit.

Similar to Emma, if Wolf needs to heal or use an item, making distance and waiting for Isshin to shift into his power walking animation will prevent him from using his standard heal punish. However if Wolf attempts to jump to make distance, he may dash alongside Wolf.

In Phase 2, Isshin imbues his attacks with the power of fire. For this reason, it may be useful to equip Dousing Powder or the Withered Red Gourd. The Flame River can be easily avoided by dodging to the side. The Fan of Flames attack can be interrupted with the Loaded Axe, but is safer to avoid altogether. Dodging to his left, your right, is ideal for dodging the Fan of Flames attack, as it is angled so that dodging to his right, your left, will cause you to be hit but not vice versa.

There are safe spots scattered among the floor with each different encounters, therefore quickly retreat to the one furthest away from Isshin for maximum protection during his Chasing Flame and One Mind. The fire pillars strike from below, meaning Suzaku's lotus will not protect you. However once a safe location is found from the fire pillars, deploying the Loaded Umbrella protects you from the entire One Mind combo, and allows for an easy follow up with the Projected Force upgrade, make sure to also wait for the follow up slash before striking.

Despite the extremely fast pace of this fight, Isshin's attacks either come out at regular intervals making perfect parrying easier, or he performs long wind ups allowing for an easy dodge and punish.

Kneeling over Emma's Dead Body Isshin: You were a most unkind and inauspicious man... but for some reason I could not bring myself to hate you. It seems... I must cut you down before you fall to Shura.
Engaging in Combat Isshin: Shura... I never did think... I'd have to kill your kind again!
Entering second phase I'm not done yet...Sekiro!
Killing Wolf Isshin: Sekiro. This is farewell...
During Deathblow Isshin: ... Sekiro... It was not... to be...


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Memory: Isshin Ashina
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