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Isshin Ashina The Tengu of Ashina Isshin Ashina (Shura) Isshin, the Sword Saint

Part 1

Wolf meets Genichiro for the last time in the Silvergrass Field where they first fought. Upon defeat, Genichiro uses the black Mortal Blade to summon a younger version of Isshin Ashina from the beyond.

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: crouches down then thrusts with his katana.
  • Perilous Attack.pngDeath's Thrust: lunges forward thrusting for a long distance. He anticipates Wolf with this move whenever he uses an item.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep: circles behind the target then sweeps the ground.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: runs toward Wolf attempting to grab him. If connected he throws Wolf on the ground before stabbing him in the chest.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Attack Follow Up: delivers an overhead smash while airborne and connects with one of the following, based on his action:
    • crouches down means a Perilous Thrust.
    • turns his body clockwise means a Perilous Sweep.
    • turns his body anti-clockwise means a quick upward cut.
  • Empowered Mortal Draw: channels for 2 seconds before unleashing an undulant black power slash. He may use it twice if the target was close. He always starts with this move.
  • Mortal Draw: steps back and shoots twice, follows by a quicker Mortal Draw.
  • Advance: two vertical slashes while stepping forth. If the move was not deflected, he will do an elbow strike and slash again.
  • Low Slash: two horizontal slashes with slight delay. He may use Floating Passage right after.
  • Closing Tide: slides and shoots an arrow or two concurrently then roll forward, slashing once.
  • Iaitjutsu: a quick drawn strike with short closing distance.
  • Two-hit Combo: spins his body slashing and kicks right after, then follows up with Empowered Mortal Draw.
  • Floating Passage: a deadly combo of 7 hits starting with him rearing back with the last guard-breaking strike. He may follows up with this move after any combo, along with a delayed Perilous Thrust. 

Genichiro has completely abandoned his lightning attacks in favor of the newly found Black Mortal Blade and a more nuanced Floating Passage at the end of any combo. Though, most of his attacks are the same as his past encounters, therefore the same tactic against his sword strikes can be applied here. As of version 1.04, there exists a bug which renders him completely immobile for a moderate time and can happen at any moment. However taking any forms of damage will make him to behave normal again.

Encounter Wolf: Lord Kuro!

Genichiro: Shinobi of the Divine Heir. We meet again. Behold! The second Mortal Blade.
Kuro: Genichiro... If you think you can change Ashina's fate with such a thing... you are mistaken. Wolf... No one has the right to the Dragon's Heritage - it is no one's to bear. ...I wish there was another way.
Wolf: It's alright. ...One last time.
Genichiro: Yes, let's finish this.

Engaging in Combat Genichiro: I will restore Ashina to glory!
Halfway Through the Fight Genichiro: I will not allow Ashina to be crushed...!
After Deathblow Genichiro: In the end I was powerless, but grandfather was not. Ashina will rise once more. The Dragon's blood running through her veins. With this, Ashina's long night comes to an end.
After Defeating Wolf Genichiro: I too have a duty I must uphold... Farewell.
Witnessing First Resurrection Genichiro: Yes, that's it... Your strength.
Witnessing Second Ressurection Genichiro: We are not so different, you and I...Wolf.

Part 2

Isshin, the Sword Saint (剣聖 葦名一心, Master Swordsman Ashina Isshin), having returned in his prime from "the beyond" through his Grandson's sacrifice with the "Open Gate" Mortal Blade, attempts to fulfill Genichiro's last wish by defeating Wolf and using the power of the Dragon's Heritage to defend the crumbling kingdom of Ashina from the Interior Ministry. He is considered one of the hardest bosses in the game.

Phase 1

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: walks to the right then a quick thrust from his katana.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust Combo: slashes then a palm strike, follows by a Perilous Thrust. After deflecting a thrust attack from the target, he will follow up with this attack.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep Combo: slashes twice then sheathes his katana, preparing for a Perilous Sweep.
  • Mangetsu: sheathes his katana to the left and spins the katana in a large radius around him.
  • Anticipate: whenever the target leaps into the air in any direction, he quickly matches with him in same direction and with an increasing distance if it was backward.
  • Cross Slash: sheathes his katana to the left and channels for an estimated time of 2.8 seconds, then unleashes the art. Can be dodged completely to the side. Deals chip damage if not deflected. If he was approached during the channeling, he does a hilt strike and a Perilous Sweep.
  • Three-hit combo: runs to the right then dashes forward, initiating a chain of three slashes with delays in between.
  • Cloud Walk: bows his head then instantly dashes a long distance forward, slashing once upon arrival.
  • Iaijutsu: a quick drawn slash with long distance. If blocked, he follows up with Mangetsu.
  • Ichimonji - Double: if the first strike is deflected, he will follow up with Dragon Flash.
  • Dragon Flash: sheathes his sword to the right then cut the wind in front, resulting in a long vertical shockwave which explodes after a brief delay.

Phase 2

Following the end of the first phase, Isshin kneels to the earth and pulls out General Tamura's spear, deftly using it to further diversify his arsenal of attacks. He also begins using a repeating pistol to further increase his range.

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: two wide swings of the spear, follows by a Perilous Thrust.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep: drags the spear around him in a long radius.
  • Ichimonji - Double: Two vertical swings with a relatively lengthy windup.
  • Pressure: using items when in close proximity will trigger his nigh-instant gap closer, slashing twice at the end.
  • Leaping Smash: leaps forward, come crashing down with an overhead smash. He may leaps up again and connect with another plunging attack when close to the target.
  • Retreat: leaps back and cleaves at the same time.
  • Floating Passage: slides to the right and slashes twice, then immediately followed by a spear cleave, an upperhead smash then he channels a brief second before spinning the spear in large radius.
  • Gun Shot: chases after the target and shoots 4 times rapidly at the same time, which can be easily outrun to the sides. May follow with a Perilous Thrust or Sweep. The shot will miss if the target was right next to him. Wolf may interrupt this move with a Loaded Shuriken. When being pressured closely, he may shoots a single powerful shell, capable of breaking guard.

Phase 3

Furious lightning now strikes the field. Isshin uses this to his advantage by performing attacks imbued with the power of lightning.

  • Lightning Attack.pngLightning Cleave: leaps back and imbues the spear with lightning then quickly unleashes its power in an arc. Another variation starts with him leaping forth.
  • Dragon Flash: channels for a brief moment then releases two fast traveling shockwaves in front. Deflecting the first attack will stop the combo.

The most dangerous part of this fight is how flexible and branching Isshin's moves are. However, some elements of his behaviour can be exploited. In the first phase, staying close and being aggressive while carefully deflecting his limited set of attacks while anticipate his Perilous Thrust will quickly break his posture. Should one wish to abandon their current attempt, they may lure Isshin to one end of the arena before running to the other side and using the Homeward Idol without fear of being attacked, since he can only walk slowly during this phase.

Isshin's second phase comes with the uncertainty of many delayed hits from the spear, potentially messing up the timing for deflections. As a result, a more passive approach is recommended. By maintaining close distance between Wolf and Isshin, it is possible to greatly limit the number of moves at the boss's disposal. Step dodge through jump attacks, and attack from behind for sizable damage to both vitality and posture. Any time the boss performs the Retreat attack, prepare to defend against the Gun Shot attack shortly after. After this, prepare to perform a Mikiri Counter, as the boss often follows up this attack with a Perilous Thrust. Through careful spacing, along with patience and pattern recognition, it is possible to complete the second phase of this fight with relative ease. 

During the third phase, Isshin adds a lightning attack to his arsenal. Given its lengthy windup and high potential for damage, it is recommended that this attack be addressed using the Lightning Reversal. Otherwise, Isshin behaves exactly as he did in the second phase, with the exception of Dragon Flash, which can easily be avoided by step-dodging when he attacks or running around Isshin.  

With his varied attacks, sizeable vitality and posture bar, and numerous phases, Isshin Ashina is a battle of endurance first and foremost. Any means by which one's potential for recovering health - healing gourds, rice, divine grass, etc - is invaluable for this battle. 

Emerging from Genichiro Isshin: Pitiful grandchild... This was your last wish. To see Ashina returned from the great beyond... which means, Sekiro... I must destroy you.
Engaging in Combat Isshin: Come... Sekiro.
After Defeating Wolf Isshin: Hesitation is defeat. I told you that.
Entering Phase 2 Isshin: How my blood boils! Face me, Sekiro!
During Deathblow Isshin: Do it! ... well done, Sekiro.

Wolf: ......... Farewell.


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Memory: Saint Isshin
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Dragon Flash