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First encountered right after the Upper Tower - Antechamber, the pupils of Isshin Ashina patrol the dojos of the Ashina Castle.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: thrusts a far reaching distance in front of him.
  • Overhead Swing: raise his katana and waits for a brief moment, then brings down his sword in a slash.
  • Forward Slash: steps forward, slashing diagonally.
  • Jab: jabs forward with his elbow, follows by an off-handed slash. Sometimes he may slashes before chaining this attack.
  • Retreat: slashes down and steps back concurrently.
  • (Junior Pupil only) Recover: becomes engulfed in a bright aura while restoring Posture.
  • (Senior Pupil only) Five Hit Combo: yells before slashing down five times consecutively.
  • (Senior Pupil only) Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust Combo: raise his katana and waits for a brief moment, then slashes three times, follows by a Perilous Thrust.

Best fought one on one, or defeated with stealth. If they must be fought, maintaining posture damage, as well as watching carefully for either of their Perilous attacks, which can be countered for great posture damage.


+79 Skill Experience Sen.png 31
Scrap Iron.png
Scrap Iron
Divine Confetti.png
Divine Confetti