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A weaker version of Immortal Monks are first encountered in a room filled with Crickets before the Temple Grounds of Senpou Temple and three are sitting in the Main Hall next to the Sculptor's Idol.

The stronger version that has a centipede crawling out of it is first found in the courtyard at Temple Grounds, and another sitting in the Main Hall next to the Sculptor's Idol.

Behaviour and Tactics

Weak Version

The Immortal Monk encountered for the first time and the three in the Main Hall seem to be a less advanced form of infection.

  • Summon Cricket: Summons Crickets to assist against intruders.
  • Spit: Deals a small amount of damage and makes Crickets attack those covered in it.

Stronger Version

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: the centipede shoots forward rapidly and pulling Wolf in for the Monk's embrace.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Embrace: the Monk pulls in Wolf for an embrace, recovering most of its health. If fought at close quarters, it might attempt an Embrace without the Perilous Grab.
  • Lunge: the centipede lunges forward in an attack.
  • Lunge Combo: the centipede executes a series of lunges forward.
  • Descending Plunge: the centipede prepares for a downwards-arching attack.

The only way to kill an Immortal Monk is through the use of the Mortal Blade. Because of this resurrection, an Immortal Monk can be used to regain lost Vitality with the Shinobi Combat ArtBreath of Life - Light indefinitely, as the enemy will always come back to life when it's killed, so long as the Mortal Blade is not used.


+165 Skill Experience Sen.png 46
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