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The Illusory Hall Monk meditates in the Halls of Illusion. Not corrupted by the research for immortality that took hold of the other Senpou Monks, he managed to reach this limbo that he describes as "close to Nirvana".

If questioned about the Folding Screen Monkeys, he'll describe each member and their respective ability:

  • The Purple Monkey has an excellent eyesight.
  • The Green Monkey has an excellent hearing.
  • The Orange Monkey will scream to alert the others.

If Wolf returns after defeating the monkeys, the monk will simply ask him to leave quietly.


  • Main Hall: in the Halls of Illusion, past the folding screen and next ot a pillar.
    • Moves to the right of the entrance after the bossfight is over.
First encounter Monk: ...Yet another who is lost in the Halls of Illusion? I believe you are on a mission... and wish to leave this place...

Wolf: Yes.
Monk: Then you must defeat the monkeys depicted on the panels at the hall entrance. Once you have done so, the Divine Child's voice will reach you.

Greeting Monk: Is there something you would like to ask me? I will tell you anything that is within the realm of my knowledge.
Asking "About Purple Kimono Monkey" Monk: The monkey in the purple kimono is the "seeing monkey". He has excellent eyesight, can see great distances, and is very attentive... If he spots you, he will run immediately. He is exceedingly timid.
Asking "About Orange Kimono Monkey" Monk: The monkey in the orange kimono is the "speaking monkey". While he does not have particularly good eyesight or hearing... He makes a big fuss when he sees a threat, causing all the other monkeys to run. Or perhaps he merely enjoys toying with humans?
Asking "About Green Kimono Monkey" Monk: The monkey in the green kimono is the "hearing monkey". He has excellent hearing, can hear across great distances, and is very attentive... He will generally run away the moment he hears you coming, making it hard to approach. He is exceedingly timid.
Talking Monk: I do not wish to leave the Halls of Illusion. It is usually quiet here, which means it is near to nirvana in its own way. At least, that is how it feels to me. ...Oh yes, by the way... There was once someone who, like you, was on a mission. I believe he chased the monkeys for a while but... Everything here eventually went silent. ...I pray that you succeed.
After the bossfight Monk: ... Why have you returned? As you do not have any missions to complete here, I ask that you leave... quietly.
After Kotaro was spirited away Monk: ...Why have you returned? Kotaro and I both... wish to remain here free from distraction. I ask that you leave... quietly.



  • Won't make mention of Kotaro, if he has been spirited away to the Halls of Illusion before requesting it.
  • The Illusory Hall Monk says that someone else already tried to catch the monkeys once, but failed, possibly alluding to Genichiro.
  • In version 1.0, it was possible to spirit him away via Divine Abduction, but he'd just reappear in the same spot everytime the area is reloaded.