In-Game Description

A small, palm-sized wooden Buddha. Can be used repeatedly. Held by the Wolf ever since he was saved by his father, its corners are rounded with use. This Buddha is used to return home. It will return the user to the last visited Sculptor's Idol or the Dilapidated Temple.
Homeward Idol.png


Found in the inventory from the start of the game.


Used to return to the Dilapidated Temple or the last visited Sculptor's Idol.

Since Wolf's completely vulnerable while this item is being used, it can't be employed as a swift escape when surrounded by enemies.


  • During the prologue, this item will bring Wolf back to four set checkpoints:
    • The well where Wolf is found at the beginning.
    • Kuro's room in the Moon-view Tower.
    • Shigenori Yamauchi's location (if the miniboss is dead).
    • The secret passage underneath the bridge.
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