Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

In-Game Description

False tooth loaded with a secret shinobi drug, blue in color.

Can be used Repeatedly.
Crush the blue nostrum between the back teeth to die as often as one pleases.
Could be useful in certain situations.
Surely an unnecessary reminder, but the first death is typically one's last.

Hidden Tooth.png


Bite Down.gif

Dropped by Hanbei the Undying after granting him death with the Mortal Blade.


The limitless version of Bite Down.

Use to die instantly without putting Resurrection on a cooldown.

Dying will reset the aggro of surrounding enemies, who'll start walking back to their original spot, making themselves vulnerable to a Backstab Deathblow.

Allows to perform more than one Resurrection during a single phase of a Boss or a Mini-Boss.

Committing suicide while low on Vitality will save up on healing as Wolf will respawn with half of his health as usual.


  • If not collected, this item will remain on the ground, until the first invasion of Ashina Castle by the Central Forces is triggered.
  • Cannot be sold.