Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki
A purse filled with a large amount of sen. It can be used to acquire the sen inside. Its weight is very promising indeed. The sen in the purse is not lost upon death.
Heavy Coin Purse.png
Heavy Coin Purse.gif

Using this item allows for storing Sen.png 500 that are not lost on death, making them a good method of storing sen until they're needed.

Can be sold to merchants for Sen.png 500.

Up to 99 can be carried.

Ashina Outskirts
  • In the ruined house in the courtyard after the Castle Gate Fortress Sculptor's Idol.
  • (After Invasion) In the indoors building above Shigekichi, in the room on the left.
Ashina Castle
  • Next to the chest that contains Gyoubu's Broken Horn.
  • Near the Secret Passage in the Ashina Reservoir.
Abandoned Dungeon
  • Just through the entrance from Ashina Castle, under a cart.
  • Two near the Headless in the Ashina Castle pond.
Senpou Temple
  • On a ledge to the right from the first building, reachable by grappling onto a tree branch.
  • On a ledge to the left, instead of going up to the area where where the Armoured Knight can be challenged.
  • On a statue in the small building, reached from where the Pure White Pinwheel is located.
  • To the right from the main path leading down from the Temple Grounds.
Sunken Valley
  • In the room leading towards the Gun Fort Sculptor's Idol.
  • In the poison pool area in Riven Cave on a small island at the end.
Ashina Depths
Fountainhead Palace
  • In an open, watery courtyard surrounded by Palace Dogs.
  • By the roots of the Great Sakura.
  • On a broken bridge on the Feeding Grounds.