Guardian Ape Headless Ape

The undead beast rises again to challenge the Wolf.

Behaviour and TacticsEdit

Phase 1Edit

  • Terror AttackDeath's Growl: places his head back on his neck and lets out a deadly growl, inflicting damage and Terror build up, covering a huge radius around him. The growl spreads further in front of him than it does behind.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Sweep: places the blade near the ground and drags it across in a quick motion from left to right.
  • Perilous AttackSwan Dive: leaps high up in the air before diving down on top of Sekiro, performing a Perilous Sweep. If he was kicked during the attack, he follows up with Charged Overhead.
  • Sliding Slash: slips and slides forward, swings his sword once.
  • Blade Dance: weaves the sword two times, then another two. He may do one of the following after a hit was deflected:
    • he follows up with another cut and Charged Overhead.
    • he follows up with four strong smashes, then a quicker charged overhead
    • Perilous AttackQuick Perilous Sweep:
    • Terror Attack Quick Death's Growl:
  • Roundabout: slashes once then does a fake-out, which is him turning back and quickly turn around slashing up to five times. If deflected at any time, he follows up with a Charged Overhead.
  • Mad Swing: wildly swings his sword two times.
  • Charged Overhead: a charged overhead with the camera zooming out. Deflecting successfully will topple his balance. He may follow up with this move after any moves was deflected.

Phase 2Edit

  • Mate Calling: puts the head back on his neck and lets out a deep howl, calls forth a Female Ape which has a limited behavior akin to a Guardian Ape:
    • Onslaught: a five hit combo finishing with jumping smash. Sometimes she would just does a jumping smash with long distance.
    • Rear Chaser: quickly turns around and claws, before smashing down with her right hand if target was behind.
    • Rumble: throws a left hook.
    • Recovering Roll: if Wolf managed to deal a large amount of damage to her, she falls down, opening for further damage. After taking enough damage during this time, she rolls backward, recovering herself.
    • Prey: dashes quickly towards Wolf and swipes once.

In the first phase of the battle, the same strategies apply as to the original Guardian Ape's second phase. Overall, the Ape is much easier to take on in melee range due to his sword and overall more predictable attack pattern. Deflecting his Charged Overhead and following up with the Loaded Spear prosthetic's Drag ability to pull the centipede infesting the ape deals a large amount of damage to his health and posture. Avoid the ape's Death's Growl, which does constant damage in it's area of affect, and applies Terror. With Ichimonji or Ichimonji: Double, the ape's Death's Growl could be interrupted.

After Wolf lands a deathblow and initiates the second phase, the Ape will use Mate Calling and summon its mate, which fights similarly to the original Guardian Ape, but only using part of the moveset.

Since the female ape has much less health and posture than the Guardian Ape, it is easy to rush down the enemy, while leaving the Headless Ape alive. The Shinobi Firecracker prosthetic works well against the female ape. After defeating it, utilize the same strategies on the beheaded ape as before, making sure to land the final Deathblow with the Mortal Blade, or else the boss will get up and keep fighting.

However, the Centipede is still alive and a prompt for Wolf to sever its immortality appears when approached.


+5000 Skill Experience Sen 0
Memory Headless Ape
Memory: Headless Ape
Prayer Bead
Prayer Bead x2
Bestowal Ninjutsu Icon
Bestowal Ninjutsu
(Immortality Severed)


  • During the fight in Guardian Ape's Watering Hole, Wolf has yet to obtain the Mortal Blade, and is therefore unable to properly sever its immortality. Without slaying the centipede festering inside the Ape, it lives to fight another day, retreating towards the Ashina Depths. Upon visiting the Poison Pool, the devastation left in its wake can be seen as statues are upended and destroyed, parts of the landscape are desecrated, and a Snake Eyes Cannoneer can be found outside of the Ape's new residence, mortally wounded and laying against the cave wall.
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