Guardian Ape Headless Ape

Deep within the Sunken Valley, in a shallow pond overlooked by a giant statue, this lonely, giant immortal ape protects the Lotus of the Palace. The flower's aroma attracts female apes, so he carefully tends to it so as to attract a new mate and offer it to her.

The Ape also has a connection to the Sculptor from the latter's younger days when he trained in the Sunken Valley. His partner, likely named Kingfisher, had a finger that had numerous holes bored into it so as to create a howling whistle when blown into. When the Guardian Ape is defeated, Wolf receives the Slender Finger, a finger that the Sculptor recognizes as his friend's.

Behavior and TacticsEdit

Phase 1Edit

  • Perilous AttackPerilous Grab: dances for a brief moment prior to using his right hand to scrape the ground in front. If the grab connects, he smashes Sekiro then drags him across the ground before throwing him away. Can be jumped over.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Jumping Grab: runs a short distance before tumbling towards Sekiro. If the grab connects, he smashes Sekiro against the ground.
  • Poison AttackFart: if Sekiro is behind him for too long, he lets out a poisonous fart, applying the "Poison" status abnormality to Sekiro nigh instantly, always following up with Dung Throw unless he was beneath the overarching cliff.
  • Poison AttackDung Throw: reaches for his bottom then leaps high into the air and throws a piece of poisonous dung. The camera will zoom out as he leaps into the air. There is a small opening for attack immediately after he lands.
  • Feral Claws: a three hit combo.
  • Circling: reposition himself around the arena, dealing damage if Sekiro is too close.
  • Prey: dashes quickly towards Sekiro and swipes once.
  • Rear Chaser: quickly turns around and claws, before smashing down with his right hand if target was behind.
  • Onslaught: a five hit combo finishing with jumping smash.
  • Rumble: throws a left hook then falls over, throwing a tantrum while on his back.
  • Fake Out Combo: initiates with two swipes then falls down, faking an opening, before turning over, smashing twice, then ending with an extended swipe. He may stand up after falling down without continuing the combo.
  • Intimidate: growls intimidatingly, revealing a grappling point on his head. Grappling onto this point briefly stuns the enemy. Occasionally, the grappling point will reveal while he is crawling.
  • Recovering Roll: if Sekiro manages to deal a large amount of damage to him, the boss will fall down, opening himself to further damage. After taking enough damage during in this state, he rolls backward, creating distance between himself and Sekiro.

Phase 2Edit

Shortly after performing the Finisher Deathblow, the Ape suddenly resurrects, picking up his severed head and the sword used to detach it. He now has a completely different moveset from Phase 1:

  • Terror AttackDeath's Growl: places his head back on his neck and lets out a deadly growl, inflicting damage and Terror build up, covering a huge radius around him. The growl spreads further in front of him than it does behind.
  • Perilous AttackPerilous Sweep: places the blade near the ground and drags it across in a quick motion from left to right.
  • Perilous AttackSwan Dive: leaps high up in the air before diving down on top of Wolf, performing a Perilous Sweep. If he was kicked during the attack, he follows up with Charged Overhead.
  • Sliding Slash: slips and slides forward, swings his sword once.
  • Blade Dance: weaves the sword two times, then another two. He may do one of the following after a hit was deflected:
    • he follows up with another cut and Charged Overhead.
    • he follows up with four strong smashes, then a quicker charged overhead
    • Perilous AttackQuick Perilous Sweep:
    • Terror Attack Quick Death's Growl:
  • Roundabout: slashes once then does a fake-out, which is him turning back and quickly turn around slashing up to five times. If deflected at any time, he follows up with a Charged Overhead.
  • Mad Swing: wildly swings his sword two times.
  • Charged Overhead: a charged overhead with the camera zooming out. Deflecting successfully will topple his balance. He may follow up with this move after any moves was deflected.

In his first phase, the Guardian Ape's Dung Throw can be abused, allowing Wolf to keep his distance, only attacking when the ape uses Dung Throw. Making use of the Shinobi Firecracker prosthetic will also leave the boss open to attack.

In his second phase, deflecting the now headless ape's attacks becomes much easier. The only exception to this rule is the Perilous Sweep attack, which is difficult to counter by jumping. A valuable tactic in the second phase is to deflect the Charged Overhead attack, then use the Loaded Spear prosthetic's Drag ability to deal large amounts of health and posture damage. Also, the Mottled Purple Gourd and Pacifying Agent will help to deal with the terror inflicted by his Death's Growl. With Ichimonji or Ichimonji: Double, the ape's Death's Growl could be interrupted.


+4000 Skill Experience Sen 0
Memory Guardian Ape
Memory: Guardian Ape
Slender Finger
Slender Finger


  • Defeating the Corrupted Monk and Guardian Ape triggers the next stage of game progression, causing some of the mini-bosses in Ashina Castle to be replaced by different ones as part of the invasion.
  • The underwater pond can not be accessed while fighting him.
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