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In-Game Description

A priceless whisker taken from the Great Colored Carp.

While the Great Carp is naturally immortal, if killed, its whiskers can be plucked.
The sound of the whisker being removed is surely music to the ears of certain people. Some would feel relief at the sound of their mission being completed, others, the joy of having their heart’s desire granted.

Great White Whisker.png


Found on the corpse of the Great Coloured Carp in the Guardian Ape's Watering hole.


The Great Carp can only be killed by feeding a Truly Precious Bait to it.

After being given to the Attendant of the Great Carp at the Feeding Grounds to free him from his duty, upon reloading the area he'll be found dead with Treasure Scale.png 3 on his corpse (or Treasure Scale.png 4, if he hasn't gifted one to Wolf for feeding the Great Carp prior) and his daughter by his side.


  • Once the Truly Precious Bait of a Pot Noble is given to the Great Carp, the other Noble will disappear from the game for the rest of the playthrough and the remaining one will inherit everything left in the other's stock prior to his disappearance.