Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Wiki

Two enormous snakes, encountered in different areas of the game.

The first one is come across in the Underbridge Valley where Wolf can stab it in the eye by entering the palanquin.

It is later encountered in the Sunken Valley where it destroys the bridge to the Gun Fort.

Lastly, it can be killed once Wolf has flown the Kite and grappled through to the other side of the valley from Senpou Temple, obtaining the Fresh Serpent Viscera.

The second Great Serpent is encountered in the Sunken Valley Passage on the way to a shrine holding the Dried Serpent Viscera.

First Encounter, Ashina Outskirts

Hide until the serpent draws near, then Deathblow it in the eye. This will not outright kill it though, but cause it to thrash around violently, giving enough time to escape the valley.

Second Encounter, Sunken Valley

As Wolf attempts to cross the bridge to the Gun Fort, the Serpent will destroy the bridge, causing Wolf to fall into the lake below. hide in the reeds and reach the cave ahead to escape.

Third Encounter, Senpou Temple Kite

After obtaining the Puppeteer Ninjutsu, Wolf is able to puppeteer the Rat near the kite mechanism at the beginning of Senpou Temple, then grapple through the kite, to access a plank from which he can plunge onto the head of the Serpent, killing it and obtaining the Fresh Serpent Viscera.

The Second Great Serpent, in the Sunken Valley Passage

It is in the Sunken Valley Passage, entered from nearby the Toxic Memorial Mob. The cave is also guarded by several Rock Divers and Lizards. It reacts rather violently to any intrusion to its domain, hitting the nearby poison geysers. In order to enter the shrine, use the Puppeteer Ninjutsu on the nearby Monkey to distract the serpent. Alternatively, grapple below the serpent's head then immediately fall to dodge his attack, then grapple back on, or use Mist Raven to dodge the attack and run into the shrine. This Serpent cannot be killed.

Loot (First Serpent)

+0 Skill Experience
Fresh Serpent Viscera.png
Fresh Serpent Viscera    


  • During the first encounter with the Serpent, Wolf can escape the valley without stabbing the Serpent in the eye, but it is much more difficult.
  • When plunging on the Serpent from above at the third encounter but failing to do the second Deathblow, it'll eat Wolf without doing damage and takes him to the cave where the second Serpent is in the Sunken Valley Passage.
    • This might suggest that the two Serpents share one body, Wolf being eaten by one head and ending up coming out from the other end.