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Great Coloured Carp is a giant fish found in Fountainhead Palace, fed by the Attendant.

It is first seen when approaching the Flower Viewing Stage where it jumps out of the water and destroys the bridge.

The second encounter is in the cave in the lake, where it will lunge at Wolf, dealing a large amount of damage. Hide among the ruins, but beware that if spotted, it will destroy structures within the cave. After reaching the end and entering a small hole in the building's side, it will stop pursuing the Wolf.

Later, Wolf can feed it Precious Bait near the Feeding Grounds Idol. Doing so will reward Treasure Carp Scales if spoken to the Attendant. This will make the carp non-hostile.

It can also be fed one Truly Precious Bait, given by Pot Noble Koremori or Pot Noble Harunaga. The pot noble whose bait is given to the carp will become a small carp with red eyes themselves, awarding a Lapis Lazuli and inheriting the other, now dead, pot noble's store.

Once fed the Truly Precious Bait however, the carp will disappear and its corpse will be found in the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole along with the Great White Whisker.


  • The Great Coloured Carp is based off a koi, a colorful variant of the carp bred for ornamental purposes, usually stocked in garden ponds.
    • However, it does not have the sucking mouths of normal carp. Instead it possesses molar-like teeth similar to other species of fish, like south american Pacu, which are sometimes referred to as 'fish with human teeth'.