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Candy made by the Misen'in Shinobi Hunters, imbued with Gokan's blessing. Reduces damage to one's Posture for a time. The blessing is received by biting the candy and taking the Gokan stance. Those of Misen'in are well-versed in techniques for killing shinobi. If one is to fight shinobi, strong aligment of body and mind is essential.
Gokan's Sugar.png
Gokan's Sugar.gif

Reduces Posture damage suffered from enemy attacks by 33% for 30 seconds (or 45 with the Devotion Skill). Up to three can be carried. Can be sold for Sen.png 20.

A limitless version is rewarded for defeating the Headless at the bottom of a lake in the Ashina Outskirts approached from the Under-Shrine Valley Sculptor's Idol.

Ashina Castle
  • On the bottom floor of the castle by a wall next to the chest holding the Sabimaru.
  • After a set of stairs leading up to the Ashina Dojo.
  • (Second Invasion) Near the Ashina Castle Sculptor's Idol, to the left from the main stairway.
Senpou Temple

Hirata Estate
  • After the bonfire area by the shortcut leading back to the Estate Path.
  • (Father's Bell) In one of the rooms of the Main Hall on the left.