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Genichiro Ashina,
First Encounter
Genichiro Ashina,
Second Encounter

Genichiro Ashina (葦名弦一郎, Ashina Genichiro), adopted after the death of his peasant mother by the Ashina, is the current leader of the Ashina Clan. Worried the strength of his army won't be enough to ward off the raid of the troops of the Interior Ministry, Genichiro seeks to abduct Kuro to obtain The Divine Heir's gift of immortality, planning to use it to save his beloved country and his clan.

Behaviour and Tactics

Phase 1

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Attack Follow Up: delivers an overhead smash while airborne and connects with a Perilous Thrust upon landing.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Grab: initiates a sideway jumping slash then uses his elbow to deliver a quick jab, if connected he punches Wolf in the stomach. Striking him during this attack will topple his balance, even with a visible block at the end of the move.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Sweep: runs to the right then sweeps the ground.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust: thrusts with his katana.
  • Advance: two horizontal slashes while stepping forth, follows up with Floating Passage.
  • Floating Passage: a deadly combo of seven hits starting with him sliding to the left with the last guard-breaking strike. May cancel at any time with an arrow shot.
  • Guard Breaking Shot: notches an arrow with incredible force which is capable of breaking guard upon releasing. He anticipates Wolf with this move whenever he drinks from the Healing Gourd.
  • Iaijutsu: a quick drawn strike with short closing distance.
  • Two-hit Combo: spins his body, slashing and kicks right after.

Phase 2

  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Attack Follow Up: delivers an overhead smash while airborne and connects with a Perilous Sweep upon landing.
  • Perilous Attack.pngPerilous Thrust Combo: two vertical slashes, two more strikes and finally a thrust from his katana.

It is advised to fight him near the bridge on the dirt road as to not be obscured by the tall grass. Deflect or dodge his attacks and look for openings. The best opening is when he jumps and he suffers a lot of Posture damage when jumped on during his Perilous Sweep attack. If Sekiro stays close to him, he will not initiate his ranged attacks. Alternatively, one can approach more passively and guard for the entire fight. Eventually, Genichiro will resort to the highly telegraphed Perilous Grab, which leaves him vulnerable after the attack.

First Encounter, Cutscene Genichiro Ashina: The Divine Heir... Last we stood together was your uncle's funeral.

Kuro: Lord Genichiro... I- Thank you.
Wolf: Leave this to me..
Genichiro Ashina: So the noble shinobi stands in our way...

Beginning of the fight You face...Genichiro Ashina...
After the first Deathblow I...will not be defeated...I cannot!
After the second Deathblow Bastard...
After cutting off Sekiro's arm (defeating Sekiro) Is this all a shinobi has to offer?
After cutting off Sekiro's arm (having been defeated by Sekiro) A shinobi should know the difference between honour and victory.
Walking Away The Divine Heir is coming with me.